Security is as Important to Jackpot Capital as the Games the Casino Offers

How Does Jackpot Capital Protect Your Private Information?

Before the corona virus hit, there were a lot of casino players who played only at land-based casinos.  One main reason for this phenomenon was that at a land-based casino players were not asked to give private and personal information while at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital, they were asked to do so as a security measure.

In order to access the Jackpot Capital login, gamers have to give the casino some private information.  Many gamers asked the two most salient questions: Why and how does the casino keep your important personal information protected?

The Why is All about the Internet

When we deal with your money, we have to know with 100% certainty that the money we are dealing with is your money!  This is actually a no-brainer.  In the modern digital age, we all use the internet to transfer money as payments for purchases, as gifts, and as payment for services rendered.

If you can think of a product, we are sure that you can buy it online.  In many cases, the company that you are buying a product from will simply ask for your credit card number.  Paying through an ewallet is safer from both the buyer’s point of view and the seller’s since the ewallet has already done all of the due diligence verification to make sure that you are really you!

Jackpot Capital has to ask for some verification before we can accept any deposits.

Withdrawals and Personal Information

When a gamer asks to withdraw money from their account, we ask for even more proof that the request is coming from the person who deposited the money and accumulated the winnings.  We do this to protect your identity and your money.

From the casino’s standpoint, if we transfer money that isn’t yours or to an account that isn’t yours, we would be damaging both your financial situation and also our reputation as a reliable online casino!

Every company that does business online faces the same dilemma: taking money from a third party uninvolved in the transaction, crediting the wrong account, or in some other way, making serious mistakes in the billing.

For this reason, Jackpot Capital asks for more proof that you are you when you ask for a withdrawal.

The How is All about Technology

The technology we are talking about here is called “encryption”.  We will likely be using some terms that you aren’t familiar with in this part of the article so we will quickly jump to the bottom line before we backtrack to a fuller explanation of the “HOW”.

Encryption puts straightforward data into a kind of code.  These codes are many times more complex than the cryptograms a lot of people like to solve from the daily newspaper or games magazines!

We could say that they are infinitely more complex but we are always aware that unwanted third parties are looking to decipher the cipher.  That means that the encryption software has to be sophisticated enough to protect information even if a third party gets close to solving the code.

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An Online Casino is on the Cutting Edge of Big Data

Big Data means really big data.  It may include vital information for hundreds of millions of people air billions of people.  Both China and India have over one billion residents and their respective governments have an interest in keeping track of them.

Now, we will avoid getting into a political discussion of how much information does a government rightfully have a need to know.  We are here talking about the need for a digital way to keep track of Big Data.  As an online casino, Jackpot Capital is a small player in the overall Big Data scheme.  Still, we have to keep track of millions of transactions every day!

The transactions we have to keep track of begin with deposits and withdrawals (these are the most obvious ones).  We have to keep track in real-time of every outcome of every game played at the casino!  We have to credit one account correctly while deducting a loss from another account correctly.

What happens if we credit too little to a winning account or deduct too much from a losing one?  What happens if we credit the losing account with the winnings from a different account and vice versa?

All in all, this would be bad news!  So, we have to use two different types of sophisticated software.  The first simply tracks the outcomes of games.  The second makes the financial transactions.  All of this is done in real-time and the movements of money have to be protected by encryption software!

If Encryption Scrambles Information, How Does the Casino Read the Information?

This is called decryption.  This software translates the encrypted information back to where people ac read it.  This process also has to be protected since it is impossible to operate a casino, or any other online business, without both encryption and decryption being totally protected.

SSL Are Initials You Should Know

The initials stand for Secure Socket Layer.  Naturally, we understand the term “secure” but the terms “socket” and layer” are not in our everyday vocabulary in the context of internet and online security!  What we need to know is that SSL is the security system that most online companies use to protect themselves and their clients’ or customers’ information and assets.

At any website, in the search box, you should see a closed lock symbol or icon.  This means that the site is using the SSL technology to protect its clients or customers.

Most Information Travels through Networks

The internet is made up of many more local networks.  The technology that protects you has to work at every network along the way.  The most common networks are designated WAN and LAN.  The LAN is a local network and the WAN is a “wider” or larger network.

Any information you send through the internet including email goes from a LAN to a WAN.

What Does All of this Mean for Online Casino Gaming?

In a few words, it means that an online casino has to use the best encryption and decryption software around.   Even if the online casino is small as online casinos go, it needs the most sophisticated software since it will never grow—in fact, it will probably not survive at all—without the best encryption and decryption software around.

This leads to the question” How does a fledgling new casino add to its cohort of players enough to offset the cost of encryption?

This is a great question and a worthy subject for a subsequent article!

In the meantime, we reiterate that Jackpot Capital uses the best encryption

In the meantime, we reiterate that Jackpot Capital uses the best encryption and decryption software so, if you have not done so yet, we invite you to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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