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How Long Does it Take to Play All 300+ Games Here at Jackpot Capital?

Jackpot Capital online casino, by its name and nature, is known throughout the world as a top jackpot casino.  However, the term jackpot when it refers to a large payout has more than one meaning.  First are the progressive jackpots.  These are very popular and a great way to score a massive windfall of money for the luckiest gamers.

We run several progressive jackpot slots plus there are two progressive jackpots in our Caribbean poker games.  The jackpots in the Caribbean games are less valuable than the giant progressive jackpots in slots but they are sizable wins in their own right.

Every slot we run and most other games have a jackpot built into the games.  These can vary wildly.  For instance, in some slots the biggest jackpot is a few thousand times the bet you made on the winning payline.  In video poker, the highest payout is for a Royal Flush provided the gamer makes the maximum bet on that game.  This “jackpot”, as it were, is for $4000.

As it turns out, the payout for a Royal Flush in video poker is one of the biggest factors that make the return to player rate so high in that game!

More than Just Jackpots

Jackpots may be the sine qua non of Jackpot Capital casino but they are far from all we offer!  So, in this article, we will do a short overview of all of the games we have on offer by category.  We will talk about the main features of each category of games and we will try to give some tips on how to win at the many different games we offer.

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We write so much and so often about slots that it is hard to think of anything new to say!  Slots are a pure game of chance.  The random number generator determines the result of every spin.  Most gamers play slots for the fun of the storyline. 

Gamers often play slots for the animation and sound.  The sound sometimes has the characters talking to the players, sometimes has then whooping and hollering in joy for a big win, sometimes lends an air of authenticity to the storyline, and sometimes provides excellent background music for players while they do other household activities with the slot on autoplay.

Slots players also like going from slot to slot which they can easily do at Jackpot Capital as opposed to being “chained” to a slot at a land based casino!

Slots players love the free spins rounds, the multipliers, the many ways the wild symbol changes always helping create more wins.

With about 200 slots on offer, Jackpot Capital enables gamers a full range of exciting, humorous, colorful, dark, historical, and adventurous moments playing slots!

Roulette and Craps

These are the two other primary games of chance.  One thing we have to admit is that of all the casino games we offer online, these two games paly the least well at an online casino.  That’s mainly because at land based casinos, there is a lot of whooping and hollering at the roulette and craps tables!

Nevertheless, if you like roulette and craps, we have excellent games on offer for you.  The graphics are spectacular and you will feel as though you are playing at a live casino.

Roulette and craps are perfect complements to all of the games that are fantastic to play at Jackpot Capital.  In both of these games, there are many different bets you can make so we always tell our gamers to know the games as well as they possibly can.  Sometimes players who don’t fully understand the bets make contradictory bets.  We hope that you never fall into this minor trap.


This might be the king of all casino games!  It relies on players deciding whether to stand or hit.  The strategy is all in the hands of the players as the dealer has no decisions to make and there are no opponents to play against unlike in poker.  Really good blackjack players can win as often as they lose.  In other words, the house edge all but disappears when a really good blackjack player is playing.

Excellence at blackjack is available to everyone!  There are strategy cards for every variation we offer and the trick is to understand the strategy cards so well that even when a move seems out of place, you rely on the results of statistical analysis performed by computers on many thousands of blackjack hands.

We offer many variations of blackjack!  As always, we urge all gamers to learn each variation well before playing for real money.  After all, we also offer unlimited free play so you never have to make a bet on any game if you aren’t yet sure how to play it!

Video Poker

This is another great game that is growing quickly in popularity.  One reason for the rising popularity of video poker is that the return to player rate is so high.  It is about as close to 100% as any game can get without actually hitting the century mark!  We offer multi-hand video poker so players can watch as they score many wins on the same hand.

Another reason for video poker’s popularity is that there isn’t any bluffing!  This may be the single aspect of poker that throws most players for a loop so since there isn’t any bluffing in video poker, a lot of poker lovers who don’t love bluffing flock to this poker variation.

We offer a few pointers here to make video poker as much fun as possible:

  1. Always play a game that pays 9-6 for a full house or a flush on the minimum bet.
  2. Bet the maximum on every hand if it is within your budget for the game.  In this way, you will be eligible for the extra payout for a Royal Flush.
  3. Learn the specific variation you want to play before playing for real money.
  4. Use a strategy card and follow it religiously.  There are strategy cards for every variation and also for when you bet the maximum or for when you bet less.
  5. Since video poker is a form of five card draw, you might not realize that you can discard as many cards as you wish.  This is different than the rules that generally apply to five card draw played at home with your buds.

Fish Catch and Banana Jones

We call these specialty games and they are indeed special.  Banana Jones is a takeoff on the Indiana Jones movies and the kids’ board game Chutes and Ladders.  Fish Catch is a game that you can play against other gamers from all over the world. 

In both of these games, the graphics and animation are so good that players come back to them often when they feel like taking a break from the games they play most often!

Games, Games, Did You Say Games?

Yes, here at Jackpot Capital there are games for everyone with every taste in gaming!  Since we are an online casino, you can move quickly and easily from game to game.  We encourage perusing and cruising the casino as it provides oodles and oodles of fun for every gamer!

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