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We are Happy to Introduce Achilles Deluxe

Jackpot Capital online casino is happy to report that our exclusive game provider, Real Time Gaming, has chosen to return to the theme of ancient Greece in their newest slot, Achilles Deluxe.  Achilles Deluxe has a top award of 40,000x the bet on the winning payline so the game will surely enter the pantheon of top jackpot slots we carry here at Jackpot Capital casino!

Who Was Achilles?

Achilles was one of the greatest warriors of Greek mythology.  The soldiers and warriors of ancient Greece were known for their ability to juxtapose the greatest heroism with their more sentimental side.  Greek warriors could recite poetry, sing beautiful songs, and fight bloody battles and they saw this as perfectly natural!

Achilles was the strongest of all his contemporary warriors but he had a unique weakness: the so-called Achilles heel.  This weakness came about because when he was submerged as an infant to give him his extraordinary strength, the priest held his heel and did not take the time to submerge the heel.

Many athletes have succumbed to debilitating injury in a torn Achilles heel!  We also use the term Achilles Heel to describe the greatest weakness in politicians and other people in the public eye.

Achilles has become famous to us millennia later because his exploits were described in The Iliad by Homer (Homer the great Greek writer not the portly cartoon character who loves donuts above all else!).

Do Any Other Characters from Greek Mythology Join Achilles?

Certainly, they do!  The Trojan War, which gave us the famous meme of the Trojan Horse, was fought when Greek soldiers attempted to bring Helen back from Troy.  She was considered the most beautiful woman in the world at the time!  Paris, King of Troy, desired her and took her to Troy to be his wife.  The Trojan War was fought to bring her back to Greece.

Thus, the four primary characters in Achilles Deluxe are Achilles, Helen, Paris, and Agamemnon.  The latter was the King of Mycenae.  Today archaeologists work diligently at the Mycenae excavation site.

Greek mythology works its spell on us even three millennia later as it weaves myth and reality together.  The combination of myth and reality has caused some people to say that Greece and Turkey, taken together, have the most amazing history!  It is their unique history that keeps the stories of the mythological gods foremost in our imaginations.

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Is Achilles Deluxe Primarily about Our Imaginations?

Certainly, there is a lot to enjoy vicariously.  The background is a Greek temple with the famous columns and whirls of ancient Greek architecture.  In a very real sense, Achilles Deluxe harkens us back to the warrior ethos of ancient Greece and to the famous Trojan War.

Ancient cultures are a popular theme in slots in general.  We have slots about ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt from the Mediterranean Basin.  We also have slots about the Vikings of Norway and points west.  Finally, we see slots about the Incas, the Aztecs, and the Mayas of North, Central, and South America!

And yet, there are two random progressive jackpots in this great new slot!

Hold on There!  Two Progressive Jackpots?

Yes, indeed!  We call them the minor and the major jackpots.  You don’t have to hope for five of a kind in a winning payline to win these jackpots.  Instead, all you have to hope for is luck!  The jackpots are totally random! 

Now, they aren’t million dollar progressive jackpots but who will reject a five or six figure jackpot?

Twenty Fixed Lines

In this slot, everyone bets on all of the paylines.  You can bet as low as one cent per line.  That comes out to 20 cents a spin.  The top bet per line in $5.  That comes out to $100 per spin. 

Shield is Wild

Achilles’s shield is the wild symbol.  It acts like every other slot wild symbol in that it replaces all other symbols except the scatter.  But there is one significant difference in Achilles Deluxe: in this slot, the wilds also act as scatter symbols! 

Whoa, Nellie!  The Wilds are also Scatters?

Yes, they are!  When you get three wild symbols anywhere on the reels or three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you get to go to a free spins bonus round.  In fact, the bonus round that is triggered by three wild symbols is slightly more exciting than the free spins round triggered by the scatter symbol!

Give us the Good News about the Bonus Rounds

When you get three wild symbols, you go to a bonus round where you choose an icon under which is the number of free spins you will get.  The most free spins you can get are 25.  In this free spins round, the scatters become wild and all wins are multiplied by 3x!

When you get three scatters, you get 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier.  This round can be retriggered by getting three scatters while you are spinning the free spins.

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Our amazing games provider, Real Time Gaming, brings out a new slot every month!  This month, the theme is the Trojan War and the hero of heroes in the ancient world, Achilles.  We don’t know who will be the hero of next month’s new slot or which century it will take place in!

The beauty of playing the slots at Jackpot Capital is that you can go from ancient cultures to futuristic settings and from the serious to the goofy (who can say The Three Stooges?) and from the goofy to the sublime and you can do all of this from the comfort of your living room sofa as you play on our top grade mobile gaming platform!

All in all, gaming at Jackpot Capital is a great way to have fun and be entertained!

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