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How to Use Variance in Jackpot Slots for More Gaming Fun

Every gamer likes to play high jackpot slots.  Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, the majority of our gamers play almost exclusively slots.  We do try to get our gamers to try all of the other couple of hundred games we have on offer at Jackpot Capital casino but most gamers simply love slots.

We understand the attraction so many gamers feel toward slots.  Slots are a game of chance with a high return to player rate that players can enjoy without thinking too much about strategy.  However, this article is about one important area of “strategy” in slots that we think all gamers should know about.

That area of “strategy” is variance.

By the way, we put the word strategy in quotes because variance is not exactly a strategy.  it is a way of looking at the game that can make playing a lot more fun for many players.

What is Variance?

This is a term that refers to the frequency of wins relative to the size of those wins.  A slot with a big jackpot and a slot with a very small jackpot or no jackpot at all might have the same return to player rate but the number of winners will be quite different from the slot with the big jackpot and the slot with the small jackpot.

The slot with a big jackpot has high variance and the slot with a small jackpot has low variance.  Now, some sites and casinos use the term volatility but we feel that the term variance is a lot softer sounding and thus easier for gamers to grasp.  It is true that slots with high variance are a lot more volatile than slots with low variance.  It’s just that we prefer using the term variance.

Why is Variance Important

This aspect of any slot is important really only as far as money management is concerned.  If you are a high roller who likes to play high variance slots and is not so concerned with your bankroll, then high variance slots are perfect for you.  If you re like almost all gamers, you do have to pay careful attention to your bankroll.  For those players, low and medium variance slots are best for long term gaming and high variance slots are okay for when you want to try your luck with a few spins.

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A Marriage: High Variance Slots and Mobile Gaming

It is true that most gamers actually play our games on their mobile devices even when they are at home.  It’s so much more comfortable to play while curled up in bed or on the sofa than at the desktop.

However, mobile is also a great convenience when you are on the go but have a few minutes to spin a few slots going for that big jackpot.  Spending just a few minutes playing a high variance slot in the hope of winning the big jackpot is fun.  It is even more fun when you play for just a few minutes and go to lower variance slots when you can relax and unwind at home.

Variance Has No Effect on Game Play

Variance affects your chance of scoring a very big win.  But high and low variance slots can be and are equally fun to play.  They are equally colorful, elicit the same range of imagination, and can take gamers back in time or into the future.

What Kind of Gamer are You?

If you are the type of gamer that gets frustrated from a relatively long streak of unlucky spins, then high variance slots are not a good choice.  That’s because high variance slots give big wins to relatively few players.

The best slots for players who do get frustrated from losing spins are the low variance spots.  These have smallish wins on almost every spin.  The return to player rate for low variance slots is a “true” return to player rate in that it represents the amount won or lost by the vast majority of players.

The return to player rate in high variance slots is shared by a relatively small pool of players while the return to player rate is shared by a much larger set of players in low variance slots.

Some Gamers Love Risk

It is very true that high variance slots offer a lot more risk than low variance slots.  We understand the appeal of risk for many people.  Every entrepreneur in business is someone who embraces risk.  People who buy penny stocks are people who thrive on risk.  Hang gliders, mountain climbers, deep sea divers, and many others are people who love risk.  The upshot of loving and accepting risk is being fully prepared and fully understanding of the risk involved.

As an online casino, we are also committed to responsible gaming.  We urge everyone to be fully prepared for any gaming session and any game you might choose to play at Jackpot Capital.

What is the Variance in other Online Casino Games?

In the games of chance like roulette and craps, the risk increases as you make bets on fewer numbers or outcomes.  In roulette, the risk in making even money bets like evens or odds, red or black, and first half or second half bets is only the possibility that the 0 will come up.

Gamers can cut the risk in half simply by playing European roulette.

The same general principal applies to craps.  The safest bets are the ones with the least risk.  It is possible to play roulette and craps for a very long time and come out just a little ahead or a little behind.

Blackjack and video poker are the games of skill most gamers play.  The risk involved in these games is based almost entirely on how well the player knows the basic strategy for the variation he or she is playing.  The return to player rate in both blackjack and video poker is close to 100% so you can also play these for a very long time and be very close to even at the end.  You can also expect many sessions to end up with you ahead!

There is actually more risk in bingo and keno than in blackjack.  However, a lot pf gamers love bingo and keno!  And bingo and keno are slow games so even with higher risk, you will have a great time and your bankroll will stay intact for a very long time.

Jackpot Capital Tries to Take the Risk Out of Gaming

If you are playing for real money, you will be accepting some risk.  As we said earlier, in slots you risk less in low variance slots.  In the games of skill, you risk less when you know the basic strategies very well.

We also offer unlimited free play for gamers who want to continue playing at no risk whatsoever!

Jackpot Capital offers great gaming in a fun environment.  Join Jackpot Capital NOW and discover the wonderful world of online gaming we provide!

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