Any activity can become an obsession. This includes casino gaming. So Jackpot Capital online casino talks about how to have more fun by keeping all activities in perspective.

How to Have More Fun

Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, one of the pieces of advice that we repeat again and again is to make online casino gaming as fun as possible!  One way to do so is to set time limits on your gaming.  Now, everyone tells gamers to set a monetary budget to play with!  But we are among the few that tell our gamers to also set a time limit on their online casino gaming.

Time Limits Put Gaming into Perspective

It is not just in online casino gaming that we should set time limits.  Here are a few other areas where time limits would help us stay in perspective and have more fun overall:

  1. Television watching including streaming
  2. Reading
  3. Looking up sports data
  4. Browsing through cookbooks
  5. Exercising
  6. Straightening up the house

All of these are worthwhile activities.  They just can get to be obsessive activities!  So setting time limits on them will free you to have fun doing any of hundreds of other things with your time!

Online Casino Gaming Has Much Salutary Value

Online gaming is a great way to relax after a long day at work!  Online gaming is fun in itself!  Like all of the others we mentioned above and so many other activities that we did not mention, if we play online casino games for too long a time, we will miss out on a lot of other very positive activities we can also do.

Every activity that has any value has its limits as well.  Sydney J. Harris, who was well known in the Chicago area some 50 years ago because of the daily column he wrote for the newspaper, once wrote that “an activity that is not worth doing is not worth doing well”.

This pithy dictum applies to some activities but not the ones we have mentioned here and not to many, many others!

Jane Fonda suffered from bulimia and when she kicked that horrible activity she replaced it with obsessive exercising.  Even she admitted that she ha\d repacked one obsession with another!

People who obsessively straighten up the house often are also hoarders who need to find a place for many things that they should be getting rid of altogether!

Browsing through cookbooks in search of a great recipe to try is fine.  We even think that many of the cookbooks you accumulated before the internet made them “obsolete” are actually better than the internet which tends to recycle the same recipe sites ad infinitum.  But how much can a person eat in a day, a week, or a month?

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Let’s Emphasize Fun!

It might surprise you that some people are not all that interested in having fun.  These are people who take their everyday activities and especially their responsibilities far too seriously.  We assume that, since you are a consumer of online casino games, that you are not the type to avoid fun!  Still, you might benefit from a fresh look at fun!


We usually exercise because in our sedentary lives we don’t get nearly enough physical movement or exertion.  This is a good thing on the one hand!  We live in a highly affluent time when most people can make a good living working in an office.

On the other hand, exercising is very boring to most people!  The best way to make exercising less boring and thereby increasing the fun you might have exercising is to alternate different forms of exercise.  You can walk one day, ride a bicycle the next day, swim, do resistance training, jog, hike, play basketball, and find other ways to exercise.

If you can only walk for exercise, you can alternate your routes.  You might drive to a different part of town or to a different time altogether and walk there.


Here the key is to have fun in the preparation of food and in the eating!  Invite friends to help with both the cooking and the eating!  Part of the fun of trying exotic recipes is in the shopping.  Your go to supermarket might not carry some items and you will have to find a market that does.  You will not only find the ingredients you need but you can develop a new friendship as well.

Most people these days like Chinese food but how many make Chinese food at home?  We all like beer but how many people make their own beer?  Sushi has developed a broad following but how many people make their own sushi?  The same applies to pizza!

When you invite friends to help with the cooking and the eating, they will usually be more than happy to do so and will enjoy the evening.


We suggest reading outdoors as much as the weather and the season allow.  Reading is a great go to way to pass the time but we also know that reading can be an escape.  We also recommend spending time in a library browsing the stacks or in a used bookstore.  We know people who buy or borrow books with no intention of reading the entire book.  They read the introduction and are happy to put the book aside!

The other side of the coin is the person who can’t put a book down once they have started it!

Alternative Ways to Pass the Time

Keep in mind that we like when gamers play our casino games.  Jackpot Capital does everything we can to make gaming here as fun as possible.  But we also know that obsessive gaming can segue into bad choices.  We are very strongly in favor of responsible gaming!  So, here are a few alternative activities you can do as a complement to online gaming at Jackpot Capital:

  1. Going to sports events is a lot better than obsessively following the statistics but professional sports are also very expensive.  We suggest going to less expensive professional sports such as minor league baseball.
  2. Every state in the United States and most countries around the world have local parks that have many types of facilities for outdoor activity.
  3. There are local fairs all over the world!  In the United States, every state has a state fair and most counties have a county fair.  If you are not familiar with bovine smells, we urge you to go to a few county fairs in your area.
  4. Instead of straightening up the house, get into Feng Shui!  One of the big elements of Feng Shui is to get rid of all of the clutter in your house!  When you get rid of clutter, you will find that the house “straightens itself up”!

Make Jackpot Capital Your Fun Place for Casino Gaming

One side of land based casino gaming is that it is next to impossible to set time limits on gaming!  As a result, a lot of long weekend excursions to a land based casino end up not being as fun as the garner expected!

When you play at Jackpot Capital, you can play every day for a short period of time if that is what you want.  Your gaming is a lot more flexible and thus you have many more opportunities to have fun in general!

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