What are the Best Features of the Games at Jackpot Capital?

We know that you come to Jackpot Capital Casino for the games! In this article, we will tell you all about our big assortment of games and we will show you that our online casino games are a lot more than just online casino games!

Games of Chance and Games of Skill

The three main games of chance are craps, roulette, and slots. Online slots have developed so much in the last twenty years that even land based casinos use the slots technology that game providers developed for online casinos!

Even though these three different games all fall under the category of games of chance, craps and roulette have many bets whereas slots have basically one bet.

The only real decision you have to make in slots—aside from the size of your bet, which is the case in every game you play for real money—is how many pay lines to bet on. That’s because modern slots may have twenty or more pay lines - even over 1000 paylines on some games!

Later on in this article, we will explain some of the subtleties of craps and roulette. We will talk at length about the exceptional nature of online slots.

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Games of Skill

The most popular games of skill are table poker, video poker, and blackjack. Luck plays a big part in these games as well, of course. But the skill you need to win can be learned only after a lot of practice and even some study. One of the best ways to study the subtleties of any game of chance is through free play.

Free Play is Free

So, we at Jackpot Capital Casino offer you unlimited free play which many players use to learn the games of skill before they start playing these online casino games for real money.

Many players also use our standing offer of unlimited free play to play slots and other games of chance. They do this because the games are so interesting that they want to continue playing after they have finished their pre-determined gambling budget session. In other words, they play for free to have fun while they conserve their bankroll.

Games are Entertaining

Have you ever played a game with friends on the weekend? Of course, you have. Have you ever found that one player took the game so seriously that he or she made it less enjoyable for everyone else? Also a probable yes.

The point is that games have always been meant to be fun! Our ongoing goal at Jackpot Capital is to make our games as fun for you to play as possible. We see online gaming as a form of entertainment and we hope you see it in the same way.

So, without further ado, let’s get started talking about our abundance of great games.


Our game provider is Real Time Gaming or RTG. As good as their other games are, RTG stands out as one of the premier slots providers. This is no simple thing. Modern slots are nothing like the mechanical slots people played before the digital era began.

Video slots all have themes. In a real sense, the characters in the games tell a specific story. A slot about ancient Greece will have characters from ancient Greece. There might be a philosopher, a soldier, or a classic building. The same ideas—a story line and characters that are entirely appropriate to that story line—applies to every slot in every theme.

For that reason, our slots are incredibly entertaining, amusing, and thrilling. You can do so many things in your imagination with slots that the possibilities are apparently endless. Modern slots give gamers vicarious entertainment, excitement, and thrills as they take you to nearby and faraway places and times!

We know that there is still a lot of imaginative territory to cover by the fact that RTG comes out with a great new slot every month, we run a promotion around it, and the feedback we get about the game is uniformly positive.

Story Lines

We said that we could have a slot about ancient Greece. As a time traveler, you might also want to visit Rome or the Big Three Native American empires—the Incas, the Mayas, and the Aztecs.

You might prefer to be a space traveler. We can send you to the stars and beyond. We can make you a pirate captain, a sheriff in the old American Wild West, an ingénue in the Hollywood of yesteryear or anything that your imagination can think of and the creative teams at RTG can produce.

Our slots are adventurous and romantic, silly and serious, dangerous and domestic. You can go from an adventure slot to a quiet vacation slot at the seashore then into outer space and finish the session searching for a lost treasure. Even Indiana Jones never had so much adventure in one sitting!

As you can see, slots are the epitome of the creative arts for online casinos. The geniuses at RTG just keep surprising us every month with new, fun themes and there is no reason to believe they will run out of ideas. But, we welcome all suggestions you might have - feel free to send your ideas for future slots to our customer service office and we'll pass it on!

Slots Features are Truly Wild

Aside from the story lines, the most prominent features of modern video slots are the free spins and the wild symbols. The free spins come along in the bonus round which you get by hitting at least three symbols called the scatters.

The wild symbols appear in the regular game and also in the free spins bonus rounds. The wild symbols keep getting wilder and wilder! In the minds of the creators at RTG, the wild symbols can expand, they can become stacked one on top of another, they can stick to a spot on the reel, they can explode to cover more spots, and they can increase your wins by a multiplier. What will they think of next?

Progressive Jackpot Games

Jackpot Capital also runs a few progressive jackpot games. There are two types of progressive games. The first type are progressives that the game provider, RTG, runs. These games take a few pennies from every bet from all over the world to grow the jackpot - which sometimes runs into the millions of dollars. These jackpots grow very fast! The second type are progressives we run directly from Jackpot Capital. These jackpots also grow quickly, but less so than the first type.

There are a couple of interesting phenomena connected with progressive games. In order to qualify for the big jackpot, you have to bet the maximum. So, some palyers bet on the progressive games only when they have just a little free time for a few spins. Their approach is "let's go for it!"

Another interesting phenomenon about progressive games is in a way the exact opposite. There are some palyers who almost exclusively play progressive games. They budget their time and money accordingly but prefer the action of progressive games and the palpable possibility on every spin that "this might be the big one".

After all, people win progressive jackpots every day!

Roulette and Craps

These games have a “table” where there are many options for betting. This is true especially in roulette. There are 36 numbers plus 0 in the European version and 00 in the American version. So, you can bet on a single number, on two numbers, on three, four, six, twelve, or eighteen numbers.

You can also bet on odds or evens or red or black. Since some bets are essentially 1-1 bets, you can play roulette for a long session and come out pretty close to even. The riskier bets also pay out a lot more if you hit them. Many gamers bet on a single number when they are already a few dollars ahead. Betting on one number is the riskiest bet and pays out 35-1 to the lucky gamers who hit it.

So, the idea behind betting on one number when you are a little bit ahead is that being ahead five dollars is no big deal and you might get a big payout if you hit your number. If you don’t hit the number, these games go back to making 1-1 bets and enjoying trying to get five dollars ahead again!

Blackjack and Video Poker Tax Your Brain Cells

These are the two most popular games of skill among the gamers at Jackpot Capital. Caribbean poker is also a popular game of skill but video poker is the poker variation most gamers prefer. Let's get down to details....

Blackjack Strategy is Based on One Basic Rule

You'll find blackjack games among our Table Games at JC.

In blackjack, the #1 rule is that the player always goes first! The idea is to get to 21 points or less and then to turn the hand over to the dealer. The player can hit whenever she wants to and can stand whenever she wants to. The dealer has to hit with 16 points or less and has to stand with 17 points or more.

For strategy-minded players, there is a variation of blackjack where the dealer hits with soft 17 which means 17 points with the ace counted as 11 points.

If the player goes over 21 points she loses immediately. At a blackjack table with many players, the dealer will always have to play and may get more points than the player who went over 21 points on her turn. The player who went over 21 points before the dealer played still loses!

So, many players have a steadfast rule that they never take another card when they already have 12 or more points. This is not the best strategy because if the dealer has a 7 to a 10 point card showing or an ace, the odds are that standing with 12 points will be a loser.

In other words, strategy in blackjack is quite complex! That is the main reason most blackjack players love the game! By playing well strategically, they have a very good chance to win a little even over the course of a long gaming session. In the face of sound strategy, the house has very little advantage!

Blackjack also has several other features: doubling down, splitting pairs, surrender, and insurance. We suggest that you learn the rules regarding every decision you might make. Once again, we have come to the value of study in the games of skill and to our standing offer of unlimited free play.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a variation of five card draw poker. The rules are very favorable to players so that the return to player rate is almost 100%. With the best possible strategy, the return to player rate in deuces wild video poker is a very little bit above 100%!

There are two extremely important points to learn and decide in video poker. The first is that the best strategy is based on statistics and often seems counter-intuitive to most gamers. It takes psychological determination to make the correct play even when it’s only a statistician’s study that says it’s the right move.

The second important point is whether you will go for the big extra bonus for getting a Royal Flush. In order to qualify for that big extra bonus, you have to bet the maximum. If you have to bet less than the maximum in order to conserve your bankroll, then there are a few strategical decisions that you’ll change.

Again, the idea that the best strategy is counter-intuitive comes up, especially in some decisions where the statisticians tell us to go for the Royal Flush. You have to always keep in mind that even when you go for a Royal Flush, you could still win the hand with a much lower holding. Going for a Royal Flush is not boom or bust type of decision.

Many gamers play multi-hand video poker. We allow players to play up to 100 hands! When you get a good holding on your first five cards, you will inevitably ring up a lot of nice wins as the hands get dealt for the 100 hands you’re playing. Some gamers tell us that watching the wins pile up in multi-hand video poker is the biggest thrill they get at Jackpot Capital.

Fish Catch and Banana Jones

These are two specialty games that we added recently. What an amazing response from gamers! People simply love these two games! The graphics are exceptionally great. This indicates that we are probably on the cusp of another awesome improvement in the graphics for all our games so stay tuned!

The fish in Fish Catch are so bizarre that they bring a chuckle to players’ lips even after they have played the game many times. Little Banana Jones is out on a quest. He invites you to join and in truth needs your help to get to the castle and claim the big prize which he wants to take to a museum.

When you win in this game everyone is happy: Banana Jones takes the artifact to a museum, you win some money, the museum curator is beside herself with joy, and you win some money. We already said that, didn’t we?

The snakes hiss at you and hinder your progress. Banana Jones is a he-man even though he is short and stout but when the snakes start up with him, you need to hold his hand to help get him through.

Games, Games, Games

As much as we have said about our large collection of games here at Jackpot Capital, you have to play them to get the full sense of the variety and the overall entertainment value they offer.

You can play over 200 games from the comfort of your cushiest sofa or chair if you play on our mobile platform. You never have to wait for a game! You never have to give up your seat to try out a different game! You have so much flexibility at Jackpot Capital!

One of the unsung benefits of online gaming is that you can control your gaming times much better than you can at a land based casino where you spent so much money just getting there that you play on and on in order to get your money’s worth.

At Jackpot Capital, the games are always there when you come home from work, on the weekend, or anytime. And you can curl up and play with your significant other, too! It doesn't get any better than this....

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