Jackpot Capital Sets the Table with Many and Varied Table Games

The Unusual Table Games Explained

As you pursue the big, progressive Jackpot Capital casino jackpot, you might be interested in playing some of the “other games” that Jackpot Capital has in abundance.  Many gamers tell us that they usually skip the unusual games because they aren’t familiar enough with them to try them out.

So, in this article, we will go over the important details and rules about several interesting but less played games.  We will concentrate this time on table games.

Blackjack is the King of Table Games

Blackjack has been a casino standard for many decades.  Our basic version of blackjack has a return to player rate of about 99.5% with correct strategy.  In addition to offering standard blackjack, we also offer some variations of the game.

Suit ‘Em Up

This variation allows for a side bet that returns handsomely if suited pairs appear.  Suited aces return 50-1, a suited blackjack pays 10-1, any suited pair pays 5-1, a suited 11 pays 3-1, and any suited cards pay 2-1.

The basic strategy in Suit ‘em Up is the same as in basic blackjack.  The side bet is actually a little in the house’s favor but a lot of players like to take a fling at the side bet since suited aces come up a lot more often than you might expect.

Perfect Pairs

This is another standard blackjack game with a side bet that pays well if the first two cards the player receives are a pair.  Think about how often you decide whether or not to split a pair and you will see why this side bet is so popular.

A Word about Side Bets and Blackjack

So far we have spoken about two variations of blackjack that allow side bets but otherwise are just like standard blackjack.  Many analysts tell players to eschew all side bets as they are in the house’s favor.  We say that if you can control your side bets as part of your overall monetary budget regimen, a few side bets that pay off very well is not such a poor choice.

The idea is to have control of your bets so that you don’t overdo making side bets.

The classic payout for blackjack is 3-2.  At Jackpot Capital, our blackjack games all pay 3-2 while at many land-based casinos the payout has been reduced to 6-5.  This seems to many players to be no big deal but it really is!

3-2 is the same as 6-4 so 6-5 requires the bettor to add a coin for every blackjack paid out.  In a casino game with close to 100% return to player rate, that extra coin reduces the return to player rate by several percentage points thus making it next to impossible for a blackjack player to finish a session with a small win.

The reason land-based casinos have made this seemingly minor change in the payout for a blackjack is because they have a lot more and a lot higher operating expenses than Jackpot Capital and most other online casinos have.

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Super 21

This variation allows players to surrender at any time in the hand.  Players have other advantages as well such as being able to re-split after a split, getting an extra bonus for any six-card hand that does not go over 21, and another extra bonus for a five-card 21.  This is the only variation we offer that has a less than 3-2 payout for a blackjack.

European Blackjack

The basic strategy in this game is the same as in standard blackjack except that the dealer receives only one card to start the hand.  A much different variation is European Pontoon where the dealer gets two cards face down!  This changes your strategy tremendously.

In this version of Pontoon, players have to hit with 14 or fewer points, blackjack pays 2-1 which is substantially better than 3-2.  In fact, the 2-1 payout for a blackjack is the reverse in terms of return to player rate as the 6-5 is but in reverse.

The reason the overall return to player rate in Pontoon is not over 100% is because the player doesn’t get to see the dealer’s up card.

21 Face Up

This is the favorite variation of blackjack for many gamers.  They see both of the dealer’s cards!  This also radically changes the strategy for this game.  The compensating factor (from the house’s point of view) in 21 Face Up is that ties go to the dealer.  This means that 17 and 18 points are much less valuable in this variation than they are in standard blackjack.

Jackpot Capital Offers Several Great Poker Variations

Gamers who love poker also play video poker.  The table games we offer in poker all have unique elements that make them exciting.

We Offer All Three Variations of Caribbean Poker

These are Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and Caribbean Draw.  There is a progressive jackpot that is shared by all three variations so this jackpot is won a lot more often than a normal progressive jackpot.

The key element in all of the Caribbean Poker variations is that the dealer has to “qualify” for her to win the hand and also for the gamer to win both of his bets.

Players make an ante and then decide if they want to surrender the ante or continue.  To continue, the player has to make another bet that is double the ante.

If the dealer qualifies and has a better hand than the player, the dealer wins both bets.  If the dealer qualifies and the player’s hand is better, the player wins both bets.  If the dealer doesn’t qualify and the player continued the hand, the player wins the ante bet and the second bet is a push.

It often happens in Caribbean Poker that the gamer continues the hand, has a weaker hand than the dealer, but wins the ante bet anyway because the dealer isn’t able to qualify!

Tri-card Poker

This is similar to Caribbean Poker but we play with only three cards.  The dealer has to qualify and the player raises to continue the hand.

Let ‘em Ride

This variation allows players to continue the hand without making a second bet.  If the player continues, she sees one community card.  The player has to qualify in this variation to win the hand

Pai Gow Poker

In this exciting game, players get seven cards and have to arrange a high hand and a low hand.  There are many rules governing how a player wins and we strongly urge players to study the rules carefully before embarking on a Pai Gow Poker excursion!


This table game was made famous way back in the 1950s by James Bond.  However, the strategy is as simple as can be: always bet on the dealer!

Free Play

We can offer unlimited free play and we urge players to use this benefit as they learn the nuances of all these blackjack variations.  A lot of gamers have come to love one or more of the blackjack variations as much or more as they love standard blackjack.

The last item on our list is quite simple and pertinent: JOIN JACKPOT CAPOITAL CASINO!

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