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Here at Jackpot Capital, Keno is considered to be a casual game along with Roulette, Fish Catch, Banana Jones, Craps, and Match Play 21. Gamers tend to play keno at the very end of a gaming session. Keno play online is fast and exciting!

Keno is a Quintessential Game of Chance

Playing keno online is easy. Keno rules are as simple as they come! The keno board has 80 numbers. When the gamer presses "play", the Random Number Generator chooses twenty numbers. So, before clicking on "play" gamers choose from one to twenty numbers that they hope will be their winning numbers.

Online Keno Differs from Land-based Keno in the Game Play

As we said, the Random Number Generator "chooses" the numbers in online keno. In fact, the RNG chooses all the outcomes in all of the casino games here at Jackpot Capital! At a land-based casino, keno might be set up like a bingo game with tables and an emcee who takes the numbers from a drum as in bingo.

Every keno game, whether players play it on land or online, is a game of chance. So, the only real difference between on land or online keno is in the game play which online refers to animation which is spectacular at Jackpot Capital.

Why is it Better to Play Keno Online?

Keno is like every other game we offer here at Jackpot Capital. Online games are more convenient, have no travel coats connected to them, are more easily planned out, and now that most gamers play online on their mobile device while very happily ensconced on the sofa, we can safely say that online casino games are a lot more comfortable than land-based casino games.

What is the Random Number Generator?

This is a classic question that prospective online casino gamers have been asking since the first online casino took up occupancy in cyberspace some 30 years ago! Remember, in 1994, there were only land-based casinos in a very few locations in the United States.

Most of these casinos still used mechanical machines for slots, The table games were played at....tables! Land-based casinos were live gambling emporiums. Today, the RNG does a lot of work even at land-based casinos in slots, video poker, and any other game that players play at a terminal.

How Does the Random Number Generator Work?

The RNG is computer software that is designed to stop at pre-selected intervals after the gamer presses "deal", "spin", or "play". In a sense, the RNG is a perpetual motion software that stops only when we tell it to stop.

The science behind the RNG is far too arcane for this discussion of keno and other casual games. Suffice it to say that the RNG is the only reason we can have online casinos so "Hats Off" to the RNG!

Keno is a Type of Lotto Game

The difference between a state lottery and keno is minor. For all practical purposes, keno is a casino lottery game. In both keno and lotto, players try to choose winning numbers entirely at random. While there is no skill at all in a lottery game, there is a small amount of skill in keno.

The payout for choosing even ten numbers that come up is huge but the odds are massively against such an outcome. The payout for more than ten winning numbers is massively massive!

There is also no way to gauge which numbers are "due" to hit since the Random Number Generator returns to its own "GO" position after each game. The RNG has no idea which numbers have come up in any previous game going back decades!

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Choose Four Numbers in Keno

Computer statistical analysis has found that the most likely set of numbers that will return winnings is four numbers. It is also okay to choose five or six numbers to hope for a higher win but four numbers is statistically optimal.

What Other Games Does Jackpot Capital Define as Casual Games?

Gamers love to play slots, table games, and video poker. These are the top three games at most online casinos. So, we define casual games as games that players play as a diversion from their go to games.

As a diversion, gamers play casual games for just a few minutes as these games have a way of relaxing gamers, especially after the rigorous skill needed in blackjack and video poker.


We offer both American Roulette and European Roulette. Truth be told, European Roulette has a higher return to player rate because it has only one 0 not the 00 of American Roulette. Roulette is one casino game that works better at a land-based casino since people are encouraged to whoop and holler on every spin.

Online roulette is still fun. The graphics and animation are amazing and gamers do have a lot of fun playing albeit in short sessions.

There are many different bets in roulette and some actually contradict others. This is a common foible of roulette players at land-based casinos but since we offer free play, gamers here at Jackpot Capital can learn HOW to bet in roulette at no risk to their bankroll.


This another game that encourages whooping and hollering at land-based casinos. Online gamers play craps because the graphics and animation are so good and they don't have to spend a lot of money on a land-based casino trip!

There are also many different bets in craps and many first-time players say that the various bets in craps are even more confusing than the many bets in roulette.

Free play once again comes to the aid of new game players!

Play Blackjack without the Ten Point Cards

This variation of blackjack is called Match Play 21. It has all of the other elements of standard blackjack but it doesn't have tens, jacks, queens, or kings! Who has the advantage in this game? Well, it is impossible to get a blackjack so in that sense it favors the house.

On the other hand, it is a lot safer to hit with 12-15 points! So that favors the player by a large margin. If the dealer is showing a 7, he might hit a nine or an eight and be in a difficult situation.

Play Fish Catch and Banana Jones to Win Prizes

When gamers think of casual games, they often think only of Fish Catch and Banana Jones. The prizes you can win in these super fun games are very minimal. The chase is for the maximum fun!

Fish Catch is a deep-sea fishing game that you can play with or against gamers from across the planet. Gamers choose the fish they want to go after and the weapon they want to use. The prize available for a successful hit is connected to the fish caught and the weapon used.

The graphics and animation in Fish Catch take over the fun side of the game. As you can imagine, a game with fish swimming about and a fisherperson firing his or her weapon requires superior graphics and animation. Fish Catch could not have been developed even ten years ago as the graphics and animation of that long ago era was not good enough for the demands of this game.

Banana Jones Bring out the Woo Hoo in Every Gamer!

Banana Jones is a spoof of the Indiana Jones movies. Banana is on a quest to retrieve the Crystal Banana from the castle where it is kept away from the public view it would have in a museum!

The game is also a takeoff on the classic children's game Chutes and Ladders. The ladders in this game are vines and the chutes are snakes! EEK!

When a gamer reaches the castle and can retrieve the Crystal Banana, a series of chests appear, Each chest has a fruit inside and when a gamer gets three of any fruit he or she receives a prize and Banana Jones does his most cuddly "woo, hoo; woo, hoo!"

Jackpot Capital Has Many Casual Games for Casual Online Casino Fun

In addition to a full library of slots, table games, and video poker, the casual games have an honored place in the pantheon of games at Jackpot Capital.




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