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The words “luxurious”, “exquisite”, and “extravagant” get thrown about quite a bit when it comes to the hotel and casino industry. There are many grandiose locations that are well within their rights to bestow themselves with such adjectives, but sometimes, there are locations where those descriptions just don’t do the location justice. This week on the Las Vegas Lifestyle blog, we have one such destination, the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo. This epic hotel is consistently one of the top destinations in the world, has truly world-class accommodations, unmatched sophistication on all fronts, and boasts a 3 Michelin star restaurant, to boot. The list just goes on and on. Keep reading to see why this hotel is in a class on its own; that’s how you’ll find the true luxury you seek in Monaco!

Opulent Display in Monaco

Monaco, although a tiny sovereign “city- state” (a little over 2km only), is a destination known for its riches and wealthy inhabitants. There are roughly 40,000 citizens of the country, it is the second most densely populated sovereign state in the world, boasting around 20,000 inhabitants per square kilometer; only Macau is more densely populated. Roughly 30% of Monaco’s citizens are millionaires; there is no income tax, low business taxes and it is known as a tax haven as well. There is just so much the country can offer to those looking for a high luxury destination with disposable income, at the ready. In addition to all of the economic advantages, the city boasts other spectacles such as the Monaco Grand Prix F1 race and the reigning French football champions, AS Monaco FC. Talk about a plethora of riches.

In the middle of all of this is the famous Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, an absolutely divine and historic destination. The hotel itself is a celebrity of sorts, having been featured in films, two James Bond films and even recently in Iron Man. The hotel was built in 1863, but it continues to be the epitome of excellence. It boasts a total of 107 rooms that includes 12 junior suites, 26 suites, 3 Diamond suites and a Presidential suite as well. The rooms are divided into groups which offer differing views and experiences. As you can imagine, these rooms are decked from head to toe with the most amazing amenities imaginable. The style is very light and modern with hints of old-world elegance displayed throughout; the rooms ooze pure class. You’ll also have access to the world-class spa plus, you’ll only be steps away from the famous Casino Monte-Carlo. The list is endless with all that’s available.

In addition to the amazing amenities, mouth-watering decor and unbeatable location, there’s the food. The hotel offers a couple of Michelin star restaurants to take the experience to a whole new level. First up we have Le Grill, a true Mediterranean gastronomic experience featuring grilled meats, which have given the restaurant its reputation. It boasts a Michelin star and features a more casual lunch ambience with a menu available, but come night-time, it is very formal (jacket recommended) with a 3 course menu available. It simply is a sight to behold to sit atop the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo and devour the delicacies on offer at Le Grill.

Follow this up with the 3 Michelin star rated Le Louis de XV - Alain Ducasse. When you think about the Las Vegas Lifestyle, you think of destinations that strive for perfection, well this is certainly one of those places. This seasonal Mediterranean restaurant offers dishes, such as the sea bass, that leaves you absolutely breathless. The experience is second to none and you’ll be back time and again. Fine dining is a designation that does this restaurant no favors, it just needs to be experienced. With these two offerings, there is also the world renowned SBM winery that offers over 600,000 bottles of wine; truly astounding.

To round off the amazing culinary experience, you can visit L’Hirondelle, a wonderful restaurant featuring a beautiful terrace and light, Mediterranean inspired dishes. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a more elegant experience, you can visit Salle Empire, which will re-open in 2019, but also continues the Mediterranean theme that flows throughout the restaurants at the hotel. Last but not least, as you take in your dining experience and want to relax before hitting the famous tables at Casino de Monte-Carlo, you could hit the truly spectacular Le Bar Américain, where you could order a martini. Shaken, not stirred, made to perfection.

You’ve made the trek to beautiful Monaco. Have checked in and enjoyed your suite, had a Michelin star rated meal, drank a perfectly mixed martini, but are now ready for the thrills only a casino can bring. Well, youre in luck! Keep reading to see what ‘winning potential is in store for you.

Grab a Bonus, Test Your Luck!

Gaming on Offer

Luxury Gaming on Offer

The Casino Monte-Carlo is world famous for its history and constant mention in pop culture. We briefly mentioned the iconic films this amazing destination has been featured in, and rightfully so. Everywhere you look, the luxury is evident. From the grand gaming rooms featuring breath-taking chandeliers to the terrace tables that allow you to take in the sights of the French Riviera as you play Texas Hold’em or Blackjack, the possibilities are endless. Seven different gaming halls are available for you to seek out any and all gaming desires. From slots in the Salle Renaissance or Salle Ameriques. You can play all the traditional table games in the famous Salle Europe or Salle Touzet Nord & Sud; all of your gaming dreams, come true!

Perhaps you want to play in the sun or under the night sky? Well, the Salle Blanche & Terrasse is the place for you. Here you can play most of the traditional games and others as well, such as Punto Banco or Trente de Quarente. All of this on offer with beautiful architecture, delicious cocktails and amazing views. If that wasn’t enough for you, as you are after that VIP experience, you can make your way to the Salle Médecin or the Salons Super Privés where the most discerning of player will be taken care of as the staff see to your every whim.

As you prepare your next Las Vegas Lifestyle trip, seeking the very best the world has to offer in gaming and luxury, make the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo a go-to destination, like all the top players in the world have. No need to wait, stop by and join us to spin for some big wins to get that trip to Monaco on us! We have your back at Jackpot Capital as we bring you the very best luxury destinations the world has to offer, so stop by and play today to be on your way!


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