We’re back in Monte Carlo of the Orient, with our Las Vegas Lifestyle blog post! Check out The Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino, and start planning your dream getaway!

Back in March, we took you to the City of Dreams Resort & Casino in Macau. This May, we’re back in Macau for our Las Vegas Lifestyle blog, but this time we’re taking you for a spin around the Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino! The sophisticatedly designed hotel opened its doors on September 6th, 2006, and became the company's inaugural resort in China. It’s big brother is a well known destination on the Las Vegas strip and the Wynn Resorts family was one of the first to see Macau as the next global gambling destination. Dripping with luxurious grandeur, this is the perfect - albeit seriously pricey - choice for those of you searching for a unique approach to extravagant, service-driven hospitality.

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Despite all the forms of entertainment at the Wynn Macau Hotel, the casino stands out as the main attraction. Guests are greeted by a dramatic water show, placed at the entrance, which is a pretty good indication of the opulent splendor that awaits inside. The resort offers nearly a quarter of a million square feet of gaming space, which features approximately 500 table games and over 1000 slot machines.

So what makes the gaming experience at the Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino different from all the other casinos in the Monte Carlo of the Orient? All amenities for rated players are provided if requested, including nearby personal care areas, food service and personal hosts. If you’re lucky enough to come in through a VIP promoter or a personal invitation from the casino, every single one of your needs will be taken care of. However, the atmosphere and decor at the Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino are enough to make even the most novice of gamblers feel like a high roller!

The casino also boasts an excellent Poker room, which is nearly always packed with action and players. You can always find a tournament here, as well as all the Texas Hold'em players on the peninsula. Before you pack your bags and head for China, make sure you try your luck at your jackpot dreams with, of course, us! Practice with one of our thrilling table games or online slots and you could find yourself on a plane to - well, anywhere - in no time. If your travel companion doesn’t enjoy the casino floor as much as you do, the Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino has got you covered with plenty of other attractions...

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The Wynn Macau

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The luxurious hotel initially included 594 stylish rooms and suites, an array of fine- and casual-dining restaurants, a spa and salon, and a selection of luxury shops. The opening of the all-suite Encore Tower in 2010 increased the total number of rooms to 1004, still making the resort significantly smaller than some others in the area.

Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino is home to 8 upscale restaurants lead by award-winning chefs and 3 elegant lounges. They also have a heated swimming pool, and multi-purpose convention and event facilities, although these types of amenities can be found in most other hotels of this standard. What really elevates The Wynn above almost every other resort in Macau are 4 spectacular entertainment facilities; the Performance Lake, the Dragon of Fortune, the Tree of Prosperity and the Moon Jelly Aquarium.

These massive installations offer captivating shows full of music, fountains, music, color, fire and fog. While all 4 are worth a visit, the Moon Jelly Aquarium is by far the most impressive. Located in the Encore Lobby, this 11,000-liter tank is believed to be one of the largest of its kind in the world. Inside you will find collections of Moon Jellyfish, brought to the Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino from Japan and Taiwan. Among all the hustle and bustle of The Wynn Macau Hotel & Casino, the aquarium offers a moment of serenity as it’s difficult not to be mesmerized by the glowing appearance and graceful, ballet-like movements of these spectacular animals.

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