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How to Delight in Casual Gaming: Play Fish Catch and Banana Jones

Most gamers play slots at Jackpot Capital online casino.  We have so many slots with either random jackpots or progressive jackpots that we are known by some as the jackpot casino.  We are very proud of the many fun and exciting slots we have on offer but we are also very proud of the many other games we feature here at Jackpot Capital casino.

Among the games that we encourage gamers to play more often are the two casual games, Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  Let’s take a closer look at these two great games!

Some Say that Fish Catch is a Slot Game

We beg to differ.  Fish Catch is an underwater fishing expedition in which gamers shoot at the fish and catch them for dinner.  Sure, there could be a slot about underwater fishing expeditions but they would have reels to spin.  Fish Catch is a unique game in that it doesn’t have any reels!

Voyage to the Depths of the Ocean

Do you know what awaits an ocean explorer?  We can use the internet to get some real life images that the great people at National Geographic give us.

After you take a look at what creatures really live in the deep blue sea, we're sure you'll want to come running to play Fish Catch, to see how the creative geniuses at Real Time Gaming show us what the deep ocean looks like.  The sea creatures are not exactly benign but they don’t have long, razor sharp teeth either!

Under the Deep Blue Sea

Fish Catch features at least twenty different sea creatures.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to capture as many of these creatures as you can.  In Fish Catch, you won’t be fishing alone.  Up to four people can play at the same time.  So, you could be playing with someone from all across the globe!

The ocean is vast and deep so there are plenty of fish and guns for the hunting.  You can choose from 6 different guns.  You also choose which fish you will shoot for.  The guns have different firepower and different shooting ranges and the different fish have different win values.  Each gun also has a different multiplier so you can expand wins by choosing the right gun!

If you choose the right weapon and the right fish, you can win up to 1000x your bet!

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The Fish in Fish Catch are Some Tough Cookies

Disabling a fish in this game is not as easy as shooting peas in a pod!  Some fish take more than one shot to be disabled.  Then a net covers the fish and you get your prize.

Just as there are random jackpots in many slots games, Fish Catch has its own random feature called the Mermaid’s Luck Feature.  When this hits, a roulette wheel will spin and you’ll be able to score a very nice win!

Gamers love the graphics in Fish Catch and the excitement of a deep sea adventure!

Banana Jones and the Grand Quest

Banana Jones is in search of the Crystal banana.  He knows that the Crystal Banana belongs in a museum but Leopold the Leopard stands in his way.  To add some dramatic tension to the quest, Banana Jones is quite the pudgy, little guy while Leopold the Leopard is strong and swift.  In addition, there are nasty snakes that stand in Banana Jones’s way!

He needs your help! 

Stay Tuned for the Grand Entry

The animated entry to the game is worth watching every time you come to Banana Jones for some fun!  Spoiler Alert:  Banana is in an airplane that crash lands in the jungle.  By chance he is only a short distance from the Temple where the Crystal Banana awaits his return to rescue it and put it in a museum where it belongs!

Is it a Slot?

It is much more like an online board game!  The pathway to the Temple where the Crystal Banana is being kept winds back and forth.  If you land at the head of a snake, you have to slide down its scaly body.  If you land at the foot of a vine, you climb to the top.  We never know for sure that a vine will be strong enough to support us but they always do.  Similarly, the snakes never bite although we think that they do at times show their fangs!

If you are old enough to remember playing the classic kid’s board game, Chutes and Ladders, you will recognize the basic format.  Banana Jones has a few added wrinkles to go along with the snake/chutes and the vine/ladders.

The Treasure Wheels

As you develop a hearty appetite during your quest for the Crystal Banana, you will like landing on one of the several Treasure Wheels.  Here you get a chance to rest, eat some dried fruit or whatever you have brought with you in your satchel—you did pack a satchel, didn’t you?—and the Treasure Wheel takes a spin. 

All you have to do is get a little bit lucky and a nice prize will come your way!

The Gems

If you can collect five gems, you will get 40x your bet!  There are seven gems so getting five of them is quite a feat but many gamers have done it and lived to tell the tale!

Meet the Other Fruits at the Temple

When you are able to reach the Temple, you will formally enter the Crystal Banana Quest.  Here you have to open chests that contain the fruits of your labor, literally!  There are apples, plums, grapes, pears, and bananas.  As you open each chest, the fruit contained therein will begin to fill the counters.

When you have filled a counter, your prize is revealed!  The top prize in Banana Jones is 2565x your bet! 

Two Great Casual Games

Fish Catch and Banana Jones are easy diversions from the games you normally play. You'll find them at Jackpot Capital under Specialty Games.

We always say that every game at Jackpot Capital is fraught with fun!  So, join NOW if you aren’t yet a member and discover the vast world of adventure that awaits you at every nook and cranny at Jackpot Capital Online Casino!

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