How Does Online Gaming Enhance Mental and Physical Health?

How to Get the Most from Casino Gaming

Jackpot Capital is one of the top jackpot casinos. Most of our gamers play slots which generally return between 96% and 97% of money bet back to gamers.  Still, there is a lot more than slots to gaming at a casino be it an online casino or a land-based casino.

Let’s take a look at how gamers can get the most out of casino gaming.

Once there were Only Land-based Casinos

To younger gamers, this may seem impossible just as people in the early years of the 20th century quickly came to feel that slot machines had always been with us!  They hadn’t, of course.  We get used to what we are used to doing!

It is so in many areas of life including casino gaming.

In fact, online casino gaming dates from only about 1994!  What a revolution has taken place in those 27 to 28 years!

Gaming a Few Times a Year

During the heyday of land-based casinos, and even though online casinos were already major players in the casino world, a substantial number of gamers played exclusively at land-based casinos which they went to two, three, or possibly four times a year.

Then the corona virus reared its head and land-based casinos were compelled to close.  They closed in the main casino areas like Atlantic City, the Mississippi Gulf Coat and, of course, Las Vegas.  They also closed on Native American lands.  Suddenly, many casino players had no casinos to go to!

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Gamers Make an Amazing Discovery

It took some gamers a day or two to look for and find a reputable online casino such as Jackpot Capital.  Others held out thinking that the virus would lose its grip soon. Instead, the virus strengthened its grip and today, fully two years later, we are still nowhere near to getting back to the normal state that existed before March 2020.

The amazing discovery for the players who yearned to return to land-based casino gaming was, first, it would be a long time before that would happen and, two, that online casinos offer a  great deal to gamers, even many things that land-based casinos cannot offer, and never have, offered.

Get the Most from Online Casino Gaming

Habits die hard and one of the habits that land-based players brought to online casinos was the notion that they were rooted a single game.  Once again, some gamers caught on very quickly while it took many gamers a good while to realize that they could go from game to game without changing seats or losing their place in the previous game.

So, the first way to get the most from online gaming is to go purposefully from game to game.  Sample all of our games.  Play slots if you wish but also play blackjack and video poker, our top two games of skill and all of the casual games we offer.

We suspect that most of our new gamers from 2020 to the present never played a game like Fish Catch or Banana Jones at any land-based casino!  These are two of the most fun games we offer!

You Can Play Every Day

We recommend setting time and monetary budgets for gaming as if it were another of the many entertainments you enjoy, which most definitively it is!  By setting budgets in time especially, we come to realize that the casino will be there for us whenever we wish to play!

This is clearly not the case at land-based casinos which is why people at land-based casinos spend hours upon hours at the casino taking time out only to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom.

A Revolution in Gaming

The idea that gamers can play every day is a revolutionary idea in casino gaming.  Since gamers can play every day, the essence of gaming becomes gaming rather than gambling.  Since online casino gamers are home when they play, for the most part, they have many other interests and activities that draw them in or compel attention.

No one travels at sizable expense to a land-based casino just to play for 30 minutes!  But at Jackpot Capital, many players make that long trek from the kitchen to the living room and curl up on the sofa for a short gaming session.

Why play for a long time when you can just as easily and conveniently play often for a short time?

Did You Mention Curling?

Not exactly!

Curling is a cold climate game played on a bed of ice.  We mentioned curling up on the sofa!  You see, online casino gaming at a top casino such as Jackpot Capital brings with it a stellar mobile gaming platform.  As it turns out, a great majority of online gaming these days is done on mobile devices.

The graphics have gone through the roof in quality as has the animation.  It is a lot more relaxing to curl up on the sofa than to sit at the desktop computer, and mobile devices are a lot more comfortable to hold than most laptops!

The height of irony was reached when some land-based casinos started to offer mobile gaming to their players!  Who travels to a land-based casino to play on a mobile device?  Who would rather stay home and play on a mobile device?  The answer to the first question is: we are as baffled as you are and the answer to the second question is: quite a lot of gamers!

Develop Your Inner Game of Skill Gamer

As we said earlier, most of the gamers at Jackpot Capital play slots.  Nevertheless, we encourage all of our gamers to play the games of skill.  We do this even though the return to player rate in blackjack and video poker are almost 100%!

The idea is to encourage gamers to get the most from online gaming!

Slots have a high return to player rate as well.  However, many slots are high variance games which means that there are relatively fewer wins that pay out relatively high sums.  In the games of skill, most gamers who use the top strategy on every hand, will finish a session very close to even, sometimes less than even and sometimes more than even!

Summing Up

Online gaming is:

  1. A pure entertainment.
  2. A chance to relax and unwind at your leisure.
  3. Far more convenient than land-based casino gaming.
  4. It gives people who used to see themselves as games of chance players to become adept at the games of skill.
  5. Playing games in general is good for people of all ages and makes us healthier in many ways.

This last point cannot be underestimated!  There is no value that we can place on the confidence that becoming skilled at games of skill gives gamers in their professional careers!

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