How are Online Casinos Adsvantageous as Gaming Venues?

What are the Advantages of Playing at an Online Casino?

Jackpot Capital is known as a top jackpot casino.  We run many progressive games and also many slots with smaller jackpots that may pop up at random.  Still, we feel that trying to win a casino jackpot is not nearly the most important reason why gaming at an online casino is better than gaming at a land-based casino.

At this time, a lot of land-based casinos are finally reopening after the long corona virus pandemic had shut them done.  As land-based casinos reopen, there are probably a lot of gamers, who found in Jackpot Capital and other online casinos an answer to their desire to play casino games, looking to go back to their favorite land-based casino or casino hub such as Las Vegas.

We feel that a discussion about the many advantages gaming at an online casino has is in order.  So, here we will talk about the many things that make online casinos better for most gamers and for most gaming than land-based casinos.

At an Online Casino, Gamers Can Control their Time Better

Land-based casinos famously have no clocks or windows.  Had there been clocks they would have told players when it was getting late and that it was time to leave the casino.  Without windows, players routinely under-estimated the time and thought that it was much earlier than it really was.

Some have said that the proliferation of cellular phones had eliminated the time control difficulty that no windows produced but the fact is that a lot of land-based casino players leave their cell phones in the hotel room since they don’t expect anyone to call them anyway!

These two factors contributed to players continuing to gamble at a land-based casino long after they were too tired to make good decisions, too hungry to think straight, and possibly too inebriated from the free alcohol they had consumed.

At an Online Casino, Gamers can Control their Money Better

Sound money management is important in every aspect of our lives.  Even wealthy people—the kind of people who might be considered high rollers or VIPs at a casino—famously watch their money as well!

There are two well-known examples of this.  The United States Congress has a parking lot for members of Congress.  For years the parking spaces were on a first come first served basis.  Then the Congressional Budget Office decided to charge more for the privilege of parking closer to the Congress.

As a result of this decision most members of Congress—who are almost all millionaires—chose to pay less and park further away!

John Kerry ran for President of the United States in 2004.  In his private life, he is a multi-millionaire having married an heiress to the Heinz food fortune.  Kerry and his wife have a yacht.  They live in Massachusetts where the tax for mooring a yacht went up dramatically in the 1990’s.  As a result, the super-millionaires chose to moor their yacht in Rhode Island, not far from their home but still an hour’s drive longer than they would have had with the boat moored in Massachusetts!

So, sound money management is a major element in everyone’s life and online casinos, because of their shorter gaming sessions, are far superior than land-based casinos for good money management.

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At an Online Casino, Gamers Can Control Themselves Better

We referenced playing while tired, hungry, or under the influence of alcohol.  These are self-control issues and are a lot easier to control in a healthy way at an online casino than at a land-based casinos.  First, as we have said, online casino gaming is perfect for short gaming sessions while land-based casinos want players on the casino floor for many hours at a time.

Short sessions make it a lot less likely that a gamer will play on if she or he is hungry or tired.  After all, the casino will still be available tomorrow!  That is not the case with land-based casinos which players leave behind when they travel home!

Land-based casinos offer free vouchers for the buffet.  The casino has a big advantage here over the player.  People naturally tend to overeat at a buffet and when we eat we get tired.  But the player at a land-based casino will come back to the casino despite realistically being too tired to make good decisions.

This same phenomenon happens with free alcohol.  Even one beer will inhibit a gamer’s ability to make good decisions and the casinos push much stronger alcoholic drinks on players!

Both free food and free alcohol pay off for the land-based casinos big time!

In contrast, gaming at Jackpot Capital or other good online casinos is easily adapted to finding time to eat, sleep, and drink in ways that don’t contribute to foolhardy bets at the casino!

At an Online Casino, You Don’t Have to Worry about Other People Controlling Themselves

This applies especially to men who have had a bit too much to drink but can also apply to a person who has not had any alcohol at all.  Land-based casinos are known as places where inhibitions are reduced.  This means that some men will approach some women (these days this is also happening to men) with sexual innuendo or more.

When you play at an online casino, this sort of uncomfortable situation never happens!

At an Online Casino, Gamers Can Play a Lot More Games

This one is so simple!  At a land-based casino each terminal has its own seat.  To go from one terminal to another requires the player to give up his or her seat.  At an online casino there are NO SEATS!  We are in cyberspace which has properties totally unlike the physical properties that obtain at land-based casinos!

The result is that where a player at a land-based casino might play a small number of games over a long weekend, a gamer at Jackpot Capital can play many more games!  This gives gamers a much richer casino gaming experience!

At Jackpot Capital, gamers can play many variations of blackjack and video poker.  They can play baccarat, keno, roulette, craps, and even Fish Catch and Banana Jones!  The gaming possibilities are far more numerous at Jackpot Capital than they are at a land-based casino.

At an Online Casino, Gamers Have Many More Promotional Offers

These are mostly for deposit bonuses and free spins. Land-based casinos cannot offer either of these benefits.  The bottom line is that online casino gamers can play with the casino’s money to an extent far beyond the ability of any land-based casino to match!

Come to Jackpot Capital for Great Online Casino Gaming!

We hope that we have explained many of the advantages online gaming has over land-based casino gaming.  If you are not yet a member of the Jackpot Capital family, we invite you to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL NOW!

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