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Most gamers don’t know that there are actually three different roulette casino games: American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette.  If you go to a land-based casino in the United States, you will have the chance to play American Roulette only.  Gamers here at Jackpot Capital can also play European Roulette.

American Roulette Has the Highest House Edge of All Roulette Variations

This is probably the main reason why land-based casinos in the USA offer only American Roulette.  Another reason is that a roulette table takes up a huge amount of floor space.

Land-based casinos need as much floor space as possible for slots which generate the most revenue for these casinos that have enormous operating costs and need all the revenue they can get.

Jackpot Capital online casino has no space restrictions so we can offer both American and European Roulette. The house edge in European Roulette is fully half the house edge in American Roulette because European Roulette has only a 0 and not the 00 that American Roulette has.

Roulette Players at Land-based Casinos Whoop and Holler on Every Spin

We think that this is the main reason most roulette players at land-based casinos play roulette.  They like to be able to make a lot of noise on every spin.

Online casinos including Jackpot Capital reluctantly admit that roulette is more fun at a land-based casino!  We also say to all our gamers that travelling to a land-based casino just to be able to whoop and holler while playing American Roulette with its huge house edge is money not well spent.

Let’s Take a Look at a European Roulette Table

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The first thing to notice is that this table has only a 0 and not an additional 00.  This reduces the house edge by half over American Roulette.  The 0 also means that there are no true even money bets in roulette. For practical purposes, roulette players look at three bets as if they are even money bets.  They are:

  1. Red or black.
  2. Even or odd.
  3. First 18 numbers or second 18 numbers.

These are called outside bets. When they win, they pay out at a 1-1 rate.  This is where the house edge comes in since the 0 is neither red nor black, neither odd nor even, and is not counted among the 36 numbers.

Most roulette guides tell players to stick with the outside bets since the payouts are as good as it gets in roulette.  The first set of inside bets are the 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12 plus the column bets.  These are bets on one third of the numbers but pay out only 2-1.

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How Do Roulette Players Place Bets?

In the outside bets, they can put the chip inside to box or on the line at the bottom of the box.  For the first set of inside bets, they can place the chip inside the box or on the bottom edge of the box.

All other bets in roulette are a bit more complicated.

  1. Players can bet on a single number by placing the chip inside the box of that number.
  2. Players can bet on two numbers by placing the chip on the line connecting those two numbers.
  3. Players can bet on three numbers by placing the chip at the end of the row that carries those numbers.
  4. Players can bet on four numbers by placing the chip in the point that separates the numbers.
  5. Players can bet on six numbers by placing the chip on the point and on the line that connect those six numbers.

At this point, we have to make it clear that players in roulette cannot choose which two numbers they can bet on.  Nor can they choose which three, four, or six numbers they can bet on.  The numbers they can bet on are determined by the layout of the roulette table.

Graphics and Animation in Online Roulette Have Improved a Lot

Online roulette is all about the graphics and animation.  Our exclusive game provider, SpinLogic, is always looking for ways to incorporate innovations in graphics and animation in their library of online casino games.

Gamers can see this dramatically in slots.  Newer slots have a different look than older, more classic slots.  This is because of innovations in graphics and animation.

The same is true in roulette.  The online roulette wheel looks a lot more realistic than it did even 10 years ago!

Jackpot Capital Offers about 300 Great Games

In addition to roulette and slots, we offer several variations of blackjack and video poker, some progressive jackpot games, and a few games that we categorize either as specialty games or as table games.

Here is a list of the latter type of games:

  1. Baccarat
  2. Three Card Rummy
  3. Tri Card Poker
  4. Pai Gow Poker
  5. Caribbean Stud Poker
  6. Caribbean Draw Poker
  7. Caribbean Holdem Poker
  8. Keno
  9. Craps
  10. Fish Catch
  11. Banana Jones

Gamers here at Jackpot Capital can enjoy many hours of gaming fun!  We also offer many excellent promotions including deposit bonuses that land-based casinos cannot offer.

Time and Money Management at Jackpot Capital

While we say that we have so much to offer gamers that they can enjoy hours of gaming fun, we also encourage gamers to spread the hours among many gaming sessions!  Jackpot Capital is available on a 24/7 basis so there is no reason to play on and on as so many players at land-based casinos do.

Money management is also a lot easier at Jackpot Capital and other reputable online casinos than it is at any land-based casino.  Players at a land-based casino will have travelled to get there.  Most of the time, they will stay in the hotel.  All of this costs money so players play long hours “to get their money’s worth”.

This is a formula for losing more money than they can responsibly afford to lose.  Online gamers can budget for the fun of gaming rather than to recoup money spent travelling to a land-based casino!

Adding it all up, we feel that online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital is one of the many great ways to have fun and be entertained in a responsible manner.


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