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The internet has literally jumped over the mountain with commercial sites selling anything and everything under the sun.  Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we “sell” the fun and possible profit of playing our online casino games.  This involves money and personal proof of identity.  So, we are well aware of the need for online casino security to guard our gamers’ money and privacy.

Gamers Send us Documentation of Their Identity

Jackpot Capital has to know that the person registering to play is a real person, is over 18 years of age, and has the means to deposit money for betting on our casino games.  So, we ask for some proof.  Gamers send us the requested documents digitally.

We keep these papers secure digitally through the use of encryption software.

Gamers Deposit Money

We track every game in real time.  Wins and losses are duly recorded as they happen.  Just as we do for the personal documents gamers send, in order to protect the money our gamers deposit and use for gaming, we use powerful encryption software.

Security is Not Fun but is Immensely Necessary

We would much rather talk about all of the fun things gamers find at Jackpot Capital.  But we are asked to discuss online casino security so that will be the subject of this article.  That is, as soon as we list all of the fun things gamers find at Jackpot Capital:

  1. Games. Lots of great games from SpinLogic.
  2. Bonuses. We start with the Welcome Package of bonuses and add bonuses for most days of the week.
  3. Variations of blackjack and video poker.  We cover several versions of both of these games which have a return-to-player rate of about 99.5% if the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand.
  4. Caribbean Poker. We carry all three variations and the progressive jackpot they share.
  5. Progressive Slots.
  6. Many table games that land-based casinos cannot afford to provide tables for.
  7. Banana Jones.

Now we are ready to talk about the dreary but vitally important subject of online casino security.

There Are Cyber Attacks

Sadly, the internet has many unsavory people who troll online sites that handle money for an opening that they can exploit.  In fact, one of the types of cyber attacks is called Port Trolling since it looks for “openings” in the security systems online sites use.

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Every Online Site that Transfers Money Needs High Level Security

It could be a florist or a company that sells over the internet and delivers baskets of fruit, chocolate, or any other fun product.  Most people think about online commerce as being mainly in the hands of the really big companies.

Not so!

Here are thousands of relatively small companies that do business online and have to protect their customers’ assets and privacy.  Did you order a pizza from the local pizza place?  Did you pay on the telephone with a credit card?  The credit card information goes into a digital data bank and has to be protected.

Phishing is a New Term for Hacking Data Online

Phishing is a very sophisticated form of seeking out people to steal from.  A “phisher” will send out mail that looks like it is coming from a legitimate business or other concern.  To buy a product or register the recipient of the “phishing expedition” has to send in some important information.

A good hacker might send out a request for information from a legitimate online casino even though the hacker or phisher is not that casino at all!  So, we tell all gamers never to answer any mail allegedly from us that the gamer did not expect.   You will know for sure when mail is coming from us and is protected.  And, if you do get phishing mail that purports to be from us, tell us about it.

Now Encryption Software Takes Over

Encryption software works tremendously to protect databases.  The language computer people use to run a database such as the database we use here at Jackpot Capital is called the Structured Query Language.  This mouthful of gobbledygook for the average person is abbreviated to SQL.   A layperson does not need to know the scientific details of how SQL works.

The attack on an SQL-run database is called, naturally, an SQLI where the I stands for Injection.

In other words, an outside entity, what we generally call a hacker, injects something in the SQL language into the database and that injection, if it were not isolated and rendered useless, would allow the hacker to read and manipulate the database.

If that were to happen at Jackpot Capital, your online bank, an investment house, a Big Box store that sells millions of dollars of merchandise every day, and so on, it would be game over!  So, it was vital that a way to disarm the SQLI had to be developed.

That “way” is called encryption software.  The invention of encryption software made it possible for commerce to take place over the internet!

How Does Encryption Software Work?

Encryption was born from the codes that have long been used to protect sensitive information, especially in times of war.  In terms of protecting an online casino’s database, encryption simply scrambles all of the data into a complex and unique language that no one can crack without the unique code.

It might seem that a hacker working long enough could crack the code as the codes were cracked in World War II. These days, cracking a code is a lot more complex than the codes of World War II, as sophisticated as they were.

The key to having encryption software that is capable of protecting a casino’s database is to constantly check the software and to update it when an improved version comes along even if the most recent encryption software has done the job up to that point.

Casinos and everyone else who does business on the internet has to stay at least a step ahead of the hackers at all times.

And That’s How It’s Done!

Now that we have talked about cyber security as it relates to Jackpot Capital and all reputable online casinos, we can repeat what we say all the time about Jackpot Capital:  JC is a great online casino, with hundreds of games, many variations of blackjack and video poker for the gamer who likes a challenge and 200 or so slots for the gamer who simply wants to be entertained.

We have many other table games and casual games that offer both a challenge as in the Caribbean Poker games and entertainment as in Banana Jones.


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