Our Theme of the Month this February brings together the concepts of “Love” and “Gaming” for a unique and powerful blend of passions.

Our Theme of the Month this February brings together the concepts of “Love” and “Gaming” for a unique and powerful blend of passions. Last month, as part of our “Your Year to Win” Theme of the Month post, we looked at some general slot and betting tips and have covered the basics of responsible gaming. Today we thought we’d continue from where we left of in terms of the slot tips by adding another few, in hope of taking your skills to yet another level! After that, we thought we’d recommend 3 slots for you to try your new skills on this February. Ready to combine your Love for the Game with the Month of Love and finish reading this post a level more skilled than you were before? Well, start reading!

Choices for Greater Wins

Valentine’s day, the holiday of love through which we honor the great Saint Valentine, is once again just around the corner. But this month, the love we’ll be cherishing is our Love for the Game, and the way we’ll be doing so is by giving you some valuable slot tips, thus improving your skills and making you a better lover (of the Game!)

In January you learned how to pick your slot wisely, how to have your expectations from the slot match your gaming personality and how to do that based on a slot’s denomination value vs. the payback percentage. Now let’s look at the importance of paylines, Progressive Jackpots and casino clubs!

Paylines are a fundamental factor in determining how much a slot is going to cost you. Since knowing how much you can invest in each spin is often said to be crucial to coming out a winner, so is understanding the paylines. Because you would ideally want to win a Jackpot when playing a slot - which you can only do if you bet the maximum on all paylines - you would probably, in theory, always want to bet on all paylines. However, as this strategy can turn out to be costly, our slot tip here is that you should always check your balance beforehand and ask yourself if you can afford to bet on so many paylines at the same time. Then, based on your balance, you can decide between lowering the coin value and betting on as many paylines as you can, as often as you can, and keeping the coin value higher and betting on all paylines less frequently. In either case, make sure to always find at least some time to research each slot’s paylines before you start spinning the reels

As for the Progressive Jackpots, you should choose them only if you’re really trying to win an amount that will change your life. Otherwise, if you’re looking to win more often and are fine with your winnings being smaller, our tip is to opt for slots with lower Jackpots.

Perhaps the most important slot tip we have for you in this post is to join our loyalty programs and keep an eye out for different promotions. Practically all online casinos - and Jackpot Capital especially! - like to reward their loyal customers or new players with things like Bonuses and Free Spins.

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Loyalty Makes Family

The way in which we here at Jackpot Capital like to recognize and reward our most loyal gamers is with the exclusive benefits of our VIP Club - on 5 different levels! If you head over to our VIP Page to check these out, you’ll learn that we reward not only our VIP Club members, but also our loyal players who aren’t part of our club through our Loyalty Program to which every player is automatically enrolled. Members of this Program can be awarded Comp Points that can then be turned into cash

Regarding Bonuses and Promotions at Jackpot Capital, you can find some of our constant ongoing deals at any time by visiting our Promotions Page

Ready to start experimenting with these new tips? We’d like to recommend 3x top slots for you to try out this cool month of love and they are Eternal Love, Enchanted Graden 2 and, of course, Sweet 16. Good luck and happy Valentines day (in advance)!

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