Find out what the main types of slot players are and discover which one best represents you! Are you in it for the fun, the money, or something else entirely?

Online casinos have extended gambling to nearly the entire world. Back in the day, when casinos were only accessible as actual, physical spaces (the brick and mortar style!), it was pretty easy to predict the kind of people you could come across. You had the Storytellers, oversharing their life experiences with anyone at their table, the Cheaters, who have now been outsmarted by technology, and everyone’s common enemy - the Loose Aggressive Gamblers. Now that online casinos bring together people from all over the world and all walks of life, and gaming largely happens privately; so, how are these categories different? This week on the blog we’re taking a look at exactly that, presenting you with the main types of slot players. Keep reading below, to find out which one you relate most to…

The Professional

This type of slot player has been in this business for a long time. They’ve spun the reels of many games and know which machines yield the best payouts. Their expertise, most likely, spans beyond the realm of slots. Chances are, they are familiar with the order of numbers on the Roulette Wheel, know when not to draw another card in Blackjack and have a killer Poker face. The Professional enjoys the presence of spectators, which is why oftentimes they will venture from their screen and into physical casinos. They’re focused and determined - these are people who spend hours playing, typically because gaming is their primary source of income. For the same reason, these types of players do not act mindlessly, or base their decisions solely on intuition. Instead, they carefully study the games they play, rely heavily on statistics and train themselves to quickly calculate the odds of their every move. This allows them to make responsible bets leading to consistent wins. Without a doubt, Professionals also definitely make good use of all the amazing bonuses available on our Promotion page!

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Mr. Lonely

This type of slot player views online gaming as a way to relax and unwind. They enjoy playing because it’s how they spend their me-time and simply cherish a few moments of solitude. The Mr. Lonely type of slot player doesn’t come in one defined form. Some players may want to spin alone in order to escape their problems or mundane daily realities. Whether the boss was a real pain this week, or raising teenagers is driving them up them wall, this type of Mr. Lonely sees gambling as a form of therapy rather than a source of euphoric fun. However, there are also people who fall into this category who see spinning as an easy, solitary pastime. If they happen to hit a jackpot - all the better - but if they lose a couple bucks - at least they had a noiseless moment to savour to themselves.

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The Slot Fanatic

This type of slot player knows what it means to get in the zone. Hangout around the world of slots long enough and sooner or later you will meet a real Slot Fanatic. These players usually make a hefty deposit at their favorite online casino, and regularly hit the slot machines. For these players, online gaming isn’t about the money or even the social factor that is present in games like Poker<link>. It’s simply about watching the reels spin and spin and spin… and seeing where they land. It’s just the player vs. the slot machine, and the whole world disappears.

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All Types of Players

Calling All Types of Players

Which type of slot player are you? Perhaps you’re a mix of two or even more, or you make up an entirely different category, all together? Whichever the case, remember to always gamble responsibly! Online gaming can surely earn you some serious extra cash, however it is also important to draw personal boundaries around your gaming habits.

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