Gaming at Jackpot Capital Online Casino Allows Gamers to Take Real Vacations

Why Should I Continue to Play at Jackpot Capital?

The main reason is in our formal name: Jackpot Capital Online Casino! We will explain why we feel that gamers should continue to play at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos even if they do return to playing at their favorite land based casinos.

So, the real question is: Can you re-explain all of the benefits of gaming at Jackpot Capital Online Casino over going to a land based casino?

The Existential Effect of the Corona Virus Pandemic

We are not a political organization so we won’t get into the many rules and restrictions that have been imposed on average citizens nor the rules that are still in effect or are being considered.  We will treat facts as facts and we will explain the many benefits of online casino gaming in the light of the simple and basic facts.

After the Pandemic, Gamers Need and Deserve a Real Vacation

We have spoken about this before.  The question of whether a long weekend at a land based casino is better than a real long weekend vacation.   Gaming at a land based casino may be fun: there is excitement in the air!  Still, a lot of gamers have come to realize that the excitement is artificial.  The camaraderie that forms around the craps or roulette tables is transitory; it ends as soon as it begins!

What is a Real Vacation?

This is an entirely subjective matter.  A real vacation is whatever you say it is!  The point we are making here is that even though playing at a land based casino may be fun, it does not constitute a real vacation.

There are a very large number of categories of vacations.  Some people prefer the sea while others prefer the mountains.  Some prefer museums and other people don’t enjoy museums.  Some like to fly to somewhere far while others like to drive.

Actually, the list of possible real vacations is practically endless while the land based casino experience is pretty much the same from one casino to the next.  The main differences between land based casinos can be categorized in two ways: the extra stuff the casino throws at players to make them feel entertained and the different games offered and the rules of the games.  In Las Vegas, every casino has a theme.  The cost of running the entertainment side of the theme is quite high which inevitable means that the slots and other games that can be programmed have a return to player rate that is several percentage points lower than he RTG rate at Jackpot Capital.

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Online Casinos Use the Random Number Generator

The RNG, as it is called, determines the outcome of every game at Jackpot Capital casino.  The RNG is software that finds a random outcome from all of the many possible outcomes.  All slots at online and land-based casinos are run by the RNG.  The RNG can be calibrated to give a set percentage as the return to player rate and at online casinos that rate is always several percentage points higher than at land based casinos.

In addition, if patronage at land based casinos falls the slots will have to be recalibrated to return even less to players!

Why Would Patronage at Land Based Casinos Fall?

In the United States, there are 50 legal jurisdictions.  That means that every state where a casino is located can set its rules for the casinos to reopen.  Most changes are about masks and social distancing.  Social distancing has caused casinos to take out blackjack tables at the very least.  They might have to restrict the number of players who can stand around the craps and roulette tables.

Masks for people indoors are still a must in many places in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Needless to say, it is uncomfortable to play any game for a few hours at a time at a land based casino while wearing a mask!  The discomfort of social distancing and indoor masking makes playing at land based casinos less attractive than it has ever been.

And just getting to a land based casino still costs money!  In the United States, gasoline prices are about 50% higher than they were in the autumn of 2020!  The cost of a hotel room for two or three nights has also gone up.

Keep in mind that the cost of gaming at Jackpot Capital is still just the money you bring to the casino; there are no travel costs for walking from the kitchen to the sofa where most gaming takes place these days since mobile gaming has becomes exceptionally comfortable in addition to being exceptionally convenient.

Vaccine Passports are Coming to Land-based Casinos

A lot of people are refusing to take a vaccination to ward off the corona virus.  When vaccination passports become the law, as many expect it to become, it will create a potential clientele for land based casinos that will continue to play at online casinos instead!

The number of people in the United States who are refusing to be vaccinated is in the tens of millions!  How long can land based casinos survive if such a large number of players continue to game at online casinos?

Land-based Casinos Offer to Get Players Tipsy

That’s certainly underestimating the intention of land based casinos that offer free alcohol.  The idea is to get players just slightly drunk so they will continue to play the games and make many mistakes in the process.  Many players at land based casinos, especially women, complain about the more than slightly tipsy player who harasses them!

The Benefit of Short Gaming Sessions

Jackpot Capital encourages short sessions since gamers can play every day!  Therefore, it is easy for gamers to save the alcohol consumption for after gaming!  Even gamers who stay in after ending a gaming session, will enjoy the drinks more knowing that they didn’t interfere will good and responsible gaming.

Jackpot Capital Offers Deposit Bonuses

We have long felt that this may be the single biggest advantage we offer online casino gamers.  A deposit bonus comes with a wagering requirement which protects us from unscrupulous gamers who would otherwise cash out their account as soon as the deposit bonus was credited to it.

Gamers can take as long as they like to complete the wagering requirement and it stands to reason that players at land based casinos won’t have enough time there to complete a wagering requirement for a land based casino bonus.

So, land based casinos offer free alcohol, buffet meals, and hotel accommodations instead of free money!

Did We Answer Your Question?

We feel that we did exceedingly well!  We offer a fantastic gaming experience for all gamers!  If you are not yet a gamer here at Jackpot Capital, we urge you to


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