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How to Enjoy Slots and Other Games, Too

Slots gamers are a happy lot!  There are so many reasons to like playing slots that we thought it would be a good idea to devote one article to the things that attract gamers to slots


Well, of course, gamers love jackpots!  We all like playing big progressive jackpot slots.  Here’s an interesting tidbit; as much as gamers here at Jackpot Capital like playing progressive jackpot slots—and we have a few such games—players like even more the slots with random jackpots.

Random Jackpots Win in All “Positions”

We have quite a few slots with random jackpots.  Usually, there are two random jackpots—the minor one and the major one.  Some slots have four random jackpots: the mini, the minor, the major, and the grand. 

The prize for winning the minor random jackpot is generally pretty..…..minor and the prize for winning the major jackpot is pretty nice but not seven figures like the progressive jackpots.

Still, players love the slots with random jackpots.  The reason is that these big wins are entirely random.  You can win a random jackpot even in a losing spin!  And you don’t have to bet the maximum on the winning payline since the jackpot is so random that there might not even be a winning payline!

In short, the random jackpots slots are a lot more cost effective than playing the straight progressive jackpot slots.  If you are conserving your bankroll assiduously and still want to go for a nice jackpot, the slots with random jackpots are certainly your type of game!

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A Lot of Gamers Rate Slots by their Colorfulability

Now, we are pretty sure that that isn’t a real word.  However, looking for colorful slots is a major pastime among slots gamers!  We get at least one new slot every month from Real Time Gaming and as much as we always like their new slots, we know that some gamers will like the more colorful ones just a little bit more!

In recent months, gamers have enjoyed playing Diamond Fiesta, Magic Mushrooms, and The Mariachi 5.  Sweet 16 is all about candy colors and Megaquarium takes us to the depths of a simple aquarium replete with vibrant colors!  Fruit Frenzy is quite….fruity!  The rainbow and vibrant greens of Lucky 6 bring out the innate Irish in everyone, even people who have no real Irish in them!

Ethnic Slots

Lucky 6 made us think about the many slots that deal with modern day national and ethnic culture.  We already mentioned The Mariachi 5 and Diamond Fiesta which are representative of the famous Mexican cultural heritage.

Lucky 6, Lucky 8’s, and Loch Ness Loot are all about the myths and realities of Ireland.

We have Paydirt, a slot about prospecting for gold, Texas Tycoon which draws many wanderers to both Texas and tycoonery.  Hillbillies is all about hillbillies and Hillbillies Cashola adds both more cash and a much wider waistline for one of the central characters.  It’s amazing that he doesn’t just roll off the reels!

Speaking about cash, Coyote Cash is a road runner of a great slot with lots of cash to win as well!

Hen House is the mayonnaise of slots; they break a few eggs!

Rain Dancer evokes the era of the great Native American societies.

Pirate Isle will want you to reach for a bottle of rum.  On the serious side, we urge you to keep the bottle of rum at arm’s length until you finish your gaming session.

Very Few of Us Live in a Yellow Submarine

That doesn’t stop us from enjoying under the seas slots!  Start with Mermaid’s Pearls.  You will fall in love with the mermaids and you’ll also love the wins you can enjoy when the pearls show up on the reels.

As you go glub glubbing away in your underwater paradise, you’ll come across Scuba Fishing, Crystal Waters, Shark School (they study remotely), and Ocean Oddities.

Reptilian Rhapsodies

Some people like to put turkey legs on the grill and say that they are eating dinosaur bones.  Some people like to dig in the ground in search of real dinosaur bones.  Some people like to play dinosaur slots.

For the latter, we offer T-Rex and T-Rex II.

Christmas is Soon upon Us!

Gamers love slots with Christmas themes.  The list is long indeed:

  1. The Naughty or Nice gets naughtier and nicer with each new slot.  Plus the lasses are just so beautiful!
  2. Return of the Rudolph is about Christmas myths and children’s stories.
  3. Rudolph’s Revenge has Santa all in a twist.
  4. In Santastic, both Santa and Rudolph maintain broad smiles throughout!

These are far from all of the slots we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital online casino.  They should give you a big hint at the many adventures you can encounter playing the 200 or so slots we have.

Free Spins Make the World Go Round

Who doesn’t want to take the free spins?  Every slot has some sort of bonus round with free spins and other ways to get and grow wins.  Multipliers have multiplied in our slots over the years!   You don’t have to be a Cash Bandit to retrigger free spins! 

The wild symbols often do very wild things in the free spins bonus rounds.  The wilds might stick to the reels they fall on; they might expand horizontally or vertically; they might stack one on top of the other and in some cases stacked wilds will fill an entire reel.

Slots Remain the Most Popular Games at Jackpot Capital

Our gamers simply love to play slots.  We encourage all gamers to surf the casino since we also offer many other exciting games.  Blackjack and video poker are quite different than slots but they are also fun to play, have a very low house edge, and reward perseverance and close attention to detail.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of every slot from Real Time Gaming.  The small and large details are among the many reasons gamers love the slots here at Jackpot Capital.

We urge all gamers who are not yet members of the very inclusive Jackpot Capital “club” to join NOW!

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