Jackpot Capital has a lot of great games apart from the top 5 games

Lets’ Play Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Rummy, and Baccarat

Progressive jackpots are a group of highly popular games here at Jackpot Capital Casino.  Some progressive jackpots start at one million dollars and can get very large indeed!

Most gamers who enjoy going for the gold in progressive jackpot games play these games in short sessions.  That’s because they are very volatile and gamers have to bet the maximum on the wining payline in order to qualify for the big progressive jackpot.

Playing an Assortment of Games

We at Jackpot Capital online casino always encourage our many gamers to play a wide variety of games.  That’s because all of our games are accessible by a simple finger tap on your mouse or mobile screen.

We realize that we haven’t spoken about some of the lesser known games we have on offer so in this article, we will talk about a few of these games as a way of motivating you, our gamers, to play them as well as the superstar games such as slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, and keno.

Pai Gow Poker

This is an exciting variation of poker in which you and the dealer each get seven cards.  The dealer’s cards are face down, of course.  From these cards both you and the dealer have to create two hands, one of five cards and one of two cards.  The dealer is really just computer software so Pai Gow Poker has the added challenge of trying to outsmart the computer.

Actually, it isn’t all that hard to outsmart the computer since the cards tell most of the story!

The five card hand has to rank higher than the two card hand.  Sometimes that means putting a high card in the five card hand even though you would rather have it in the two card hand.  The five card hand is just like a standard poker hand while the smaller hand is like the hole cards in many variations of poker.

The ace-2-3-4-5 straight ranks second highest of all straights and there is a joker which is an ace unless you can use it to complete a flush or a straight.

The strategy in Pai Gow Poker is based on the rule that you have to win both hands to win the round.  So, it is often better to keep good cards in the smaller hand even though that weakens the larger hand.

Another aspect of strategy is that if your cards are such that you will probably not win both hands, you should make one hand as powerful as possible in order to create a push for the hand.

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Three Card Rummy

In this happy game, you get three cards as does the dealer.  Naturally, you can’t see the dealer’s cards.  The idea is to have fewer points than the dealer.  Cards from 2 through ten count according to their face value, face cards are also ten points, an ace is one point, and any pair, three of a kind, or a suited run of either two cards or three cards count as zero points

Obviously, runs, pairs, trips, and aces are good.  Picture cards are not so good unless they are in a suited run.

After you get your cards, you have to decide whether to stay in the hand or fold.  If you fold, you lose your bet.  If you get over 20 points, it is often good strategy to fold, but there is one more element in the rules that makes it hard to fold: the dealer cannot win if she doesn’t qualify with at least 20 points or less.

If the dealer doesn’t qualify, you win the hand even if your point count is higher than the dealer’s!


The T is silent, by the way, but if you pronounce the T, no one will put you in casino prison!

There are similarities between Baccarat and Three Card Rummy but they are only similarities.  You don’t play against the dealer.  There are two players: Player and Banker.  You can bet on either the Player or the Banker or on a tie.

The tie bet has a whopping house edge of over 14% so it’s strictly for players channeling their lucky stars!  You can also make a couple of side bets.  We suggest that you stick to betting on either the Player or the Banker since the house edges in these bets are 1.24% and 1.06% respectively.

You get two cards to start and the cards from 2 to 9 are their face value.  Tens and face cards are zero points and an ace is one point.

The goal is to get as close to 9 points as possible.  If either Player or Banker have 8 or 9 points from the first two cards, they win automatically unless there is a tie.

The rules state that all point counts have to be 9 or less so, if you get 10 or more points, you subtract 10 from your point count or simply remove the first digit; both of these methods are functionally the same.

After both Player and Banker have their first two cards, the rules take over completely and in the end determine the winner of that hand.  In other words, Baccarat has only two decisions you have to make: which bet to make and how much to bet.  After that, all decisions are based entirely on the somewhat complicated rules of the game.

A lot of gamers like Baccarat since the house edge for bets on Banker is only 1.06%.  That means that if you bet $1000 in a session of Baccarat, you can expect to lose just a few pennies more than $10.  Thus Baccarat is one of the least “expensive” games at the casino!  And it takes just a little extra luck to turn the house edge into your small edge.

Jackpot Capital is a lot More Than the Big Five Games

All of our experienced gamers know that Jackpot Capital offers a great online gaming experience.  We have a promotion almost every day of the week, we feature about 300 games, and, as you have seen here in this article, there is a lot to like at Jackpot Capital in addition to the Big Five games!

We also offer a stellar mobile gaming platform.  Every game on offer at Jackpot Capital plays extremely well on your sophisticated mobile device!

We hope that if you have not signed up to play at Jackpot Capital yet, that you will do so NOW!

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