slots are the most popular online casino games - also at Jackpot Capital

How to Get the Most Fun and Entertainment from Slots

The most popular game at Jackpot Capital casino is slots.  All of our many other games are popular as well but slots have always led the way.  It might be interesting to learn what it is about slots that make them so popular.

Online Slots are a Breed Apart from Land Based Casino Slots

As we wrote the above paragraph, we heard in our heads the question:  Aren’t slots also the most popular game at land based casinos?  The answer is yes but there is a world of difference between online casino slots at Jackpot Capital online casino and slots at any land based casino.

The Evolution of Online Slots

In order to properly talk about the evolution of online slots, we have to start at the “end” so to speak.  These days most gaming is done at a mobile jackpot casino!  To gamers who frequented land based casinos in large numbers especially before the corona virus sent everyone to online casinos, mobile casino gaming was a mere afterthought when mobile gaming first appeared.

True old timers still are amazed at the incredible developments in mobile gaming.  Mobile gaming is the perfect venue for online casino gamers.  It has become so popular—and here we are talking about mobile casino gaming in general, not specifically mobile slots—that many of the bigger land based casinos now also offer a mobile gaming platform that their players can use when they finally, after many hours, leave the casino floor and make their way to their hotel room!

The story of the ongoing and growing popularity of online slots coincides elegantly with the advances in mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming is All about Comfort and Convenience

Did you know that in many languages there is no essential difference between the ideas of comfort and convenience?  In English, there is a whale of a difference.  Comfort refers to physical ease while convenience refers to availability.  A soft and cuddly sofa is comfortable.  Indoor plumbing with hot and cold running water is convenient.

Carl Rowan, a great political columnist for the Chicago Sun Times who wrote from the 1950’s to the 1990’s, once spoke about his youth in rural Tennessee and how they had to run to the outhouse in the dead of winter!  Then indoor plumbing arrived to rural Tennessee.  Such is the essential meaning of convenience!

Mobile gaming is the happy marriage of comfort and convenience in online gaming and slots are the top game that best expresses the synergy of comfort and convenience.

Sitting Upright or Curling up on the Sofa

Before mobile gaming software was well enough advanced to make mobile casino gaming attractive to a large number of online gamers, most online gaming was dome at a desktop computer.  Being able to play casino games from the comfort of one’s home was convenient but the computer chair was not as comfortable as gamers would have liked.

This was especially true of gamers who had desk jobs that saw them sitting for eight or more hours a day as it was!  So online gaming did grow but we were always aware of the simple fact that online gaming would zoom forward as soon as the mobile gaming platforms were more appealing.

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The technology for mobile gaming became exponentially better about ten years ago and continues to improve.  The developments that took place in mobile clarity and animation about ten years ago were the tipping point.  Mobile started to take off.  Every online casino and many land based casinos rushed to make the best mobile gaming platforms available to gamers.

Then we saw how slots could make mobile gaming even better.  This is a positive development in online gaming and it is not exclusive to slots.  Blackjack and video poker are also becoming increasingly popular as mobile casino games but slots outpace them, at least for now.

So now we can look at why online slots, especially when a gamer plays them on a mobile device, are so freaking popular.

Release of Mental Pressure and Tension

We live in a fast paced business environment even though the corona virus crisis has slowed business environments to some degree.  Decisions still have to be made, deadlines have to be met, products have to be manufactured, and business success is still measured by the bottom line.  This creates a lot of mental pressure that is often translated into physical tension.  When their workday is finally over, many people simply want to unwind with a game that is both somewhat mindless and effervescently entertaining.

That role is played by slots!

Mobile slots add the very important element of comfort.  Whereas in the past people played at their desktop computer, today the overwhelming majority of slots are played on our mobile gaming platform by gamers who are curled up on their soft sofa or in bed, often with their most significant other at their side.

So, online and especially mobile slots combine the elements of entertainment with the release of tension caused by not having to make any tactical or strategic decisions.  In fact, when you are playing slots, the only decision you have to make is which of the 200 or so slots we offer to play.

Sometimes you will want to soar in outer space and sometimes you will want to plumb the ocean’s depths.  You can do both in the same gaming session.  Interspersed with space and seabed travel, you can travel to ancient societies of Native American tribes, ancient Greece, Rome, Norway, Egypt, and much more!

The Existential Difference in Game Play between Online and Land Based Casino Slots

Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital give gamers the full library of games to choose from.  Going from slot to slot is seamless.  It is totally different at a land-based casino.  There players tend to stay at one terminal for an interminable length of time.

It is very real that slots players at land based casinos sample at the most one or two slots since they know that they have to give up their seat to go to a different game.  So, the tendency at land based casinos is to hoard terminals.

At Jackpot Capital, not only is there no need to hoard, we encourage our gamers to try out many different games over time.  The entertainment value of online casino gaming increases by leaps and bounds simply because of the convenience of the flexible gaming environment.

Let Your Imagination Soar

By playing online slots, you can access all of the many different story lines.  This is diametrically different than what usually happens at a land based casino.  The ready availability of so many diverse story lines at Jackpot Capital casino means that you can give your imagination a well-deserved massage while relaxing and winding down.

Gambling at a land based casino has its own internal tension producing aspects including the cost of getting there and staying there plus the feeling that three days at a casino is way too much time spent “doing nothing”.  By winding down for 30-60 minutes at Jackpot Capital, gamers get the opposite feeling: they recharge their batteries so that they can “do something” in the evening even if that “something” is just chillin’ with their homies!

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