Jackpot Capital Casino Encourages Playing Games

What is it about the Word “Game”?

When gamers at Jackpot Capital use their jackpot casino login they are getting ready to play some games.  We call the activity people do at an online casinogaming”.  This makes a lot of sense since playing games is what all of the hoopla is about at casinos.

Games are also what all the whooping and hollering is about at sports events and at table game parties with friends or grandchildren.   There are very few people who don’t like playing games.  It is true that some people are a bit too competitive in board games but highly competitive people are quite welcome in team sports.

Jackpot Capital Offers Hundreds of Games

The idea of playing games is at the core of gaming at Jackpot Capital.  Since we are an online casino, gamers can go from gamma to game at will without waiting, giving up their seat, or being hassled from behind to give someone else a chance to sit at their terminal.

All of the other offers and services we provide are centered around games.  So, we offer excellent banking where gamers can deposit and withdraw using any of several banking methods as they see fit.  We offer many promotions where gamers can get free money—AKA a bonus— usually for a deposit and sometimes with no deposit needed.  We offer tournaments in slots that are mostly free roll tournaments so there is no buy in fee.

Sure, the prize money is also very low.  Even in the tournaments with a buy in fee, the fee is very small and the prize money may be a bit larger than in the free roll tournaments but it will not pay off the mortgage.  Our tournaments are the quintessential fun side of playing games.

Speaking about Fun….

Now we are getting to the essence of this article which is to have some fun with the word “game”.  Let’s start with the term “playing games”.  We have already used it a few times in this article, always in a positive sense.  But there is also a negative sense to this term!

Sometimes, parents will say to their kids or someone in a business negotiation will say “stop playing games”.   How and why did such a positive term take on a negative connotation?

Well, we looked it up and even Professor Google didn’t have an answer!  But we did learn that the word “game” comes from way back hundreds of years from the prefix “ga” and the noun “mann” meaning people.  Originally, playing a game meant playing something that brought joy to the participants.

That still makes a lot of sense.  We do like to play games with other people.  We could finish this article with a long list of games people enjoy playing with other people!  But we won’t!  That’s because you already know all or most of the games on the list!  How many different games have you played in your life? We suspect at least a hundred!

A Hundred? That Sounds Like a Lot of Games!

In reality it isn’t.  Think of how many variations there are of baseball or basketball.  Even chess has several variations!

The really interesting thing about the word “game” is how it os used in professional circles today!

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What Does Gamification Have to Do with Online Casino Gaming?

The answer is: very little, indeed.

Gamification is the term that marketing and business people use to describe ways to get people involved in a product or a project by using elements that are familiar to those people from their experience playing games.  In other words, people play games—in the positive sense—so much that professionals in marketing or business can use elements of games and everyone involved understands the “rules” of the “game” immediately!

In a business setting, gamification may set one department against another in a kind of competition to see who can finish a project faster.  An insurance company will often gamify sales by pitting salespeople against each other.  Even the “employee of the month” award is the result of the gamification of production at work.  Companies set “goals” which are the essence of the “game” and to which all participants strive.

Game Theory Has Even Less to Do with Casino Gaming

Game Theory is a branch of applied mathematics!  This is a far cry from spinning a few slots to unwind in the evening!  Game Theory is a very serious way of looking at specific situations.  It requires “players” who are rational and involves their interactions on a specific matter.

The issue may be political and Game Theory may involve forging a coalition of diverse political views to further a single goal.  Game Theory may apply to turning a group of athletes into a team even though each individual athlete has his or her career most prominently in mind.

Game Theory requires “players”, strategy, and payoff.  Without these three elements, Game Theory cannot be applied.  Casino games do have players and a payoff but some have strategy and some don’t.  Even in the famous games of skill, blackjack and video poker, there are really just the one player against the house or the pay table.  Game Theory doesn’t apply.

The fascinating part of the term gamification is how the term “game” came to take on such a serious meaning!

And How Did “to Game” a Situation Become a Common Term?

Here we have arrived as the least fun meaning of the term “game”.  To game a situation is to manipulate it to our own benefit especially in an underhanded or unscrupulous way.  Politics is rife with “gaming the system”.  But false advertising is also a form of gaming the system.

There is a term in sales called “bait and switch” where the sales person makes the buyer think they are talking about one product but the salesperson then switches to a different product to complete the actual sale.  Once again, politics is rife with bait and switch ways to game the electoral process.

Gaming a situation doesn’t have to be unscrupulous but it does have to be manipulative.  Thus, a magician uses misdirection to make it possible for her to use sleight of hand to create an illusion of magic.  Team managers and coaches may use misdirection to make the opposition think the team is going to go one way when, in fact, they go a different way.

Jackpot Capital Never Uses Misdirection

Our games are all straightforward fun entertainments.  There is no hidden agenda when you use your jackpot casino login to access the games.  Similarly, we explain every rule we have in simple, everyday language in the terms and conditions so you can always know where you stand at the casinos.

We never use Game Theory in its most serious way.  We do have a leader board in tournaments but since the risk in the tournaments is either zero or “very, very small” we see the leader board as an element of fun, not competition.

We feel that since we are already replete with great games, there is no need at all for gamification.

We remain fascinated as to how the term “game” has taken on so many different meanings.

We are also fascinated by the many different preferences our gamers have.  Some love slots and some love the games of skill.  We offer both types of games in full measure.  To play our many great games please JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL NOW!

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