Sparky 7 Sparkles at Jackpot Capital Casino

Sparky 7 Retro Slot Will Spark up Your Online Gaming

Every month Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider, comes out with a new game.  The new game is usually a slot.  Then this new slot takes an honored place among all of the hundreds of other games we have on offer at Jackpot Capital online casino.

As an online casino, Jackpot Capital casino can take in as many new games as come our way without the need to take a game out as happens at land based casinos.

This month there are sparks flying all over cyberspace!  The new slot is a magnificent example of online gaming animation called Sparky 7.

Animation and Graphics Go Hand in Hand to Make Gaming Fun

There was once a time when slot machines were actual, physical machines.  They had an arm that players pulled to get the reels spinning.  There were three reels and the symbols were all the same at every slot machine.  There were bars and 7s and possibly cherries.

Well, Sparky 7 is a three reel slot!  As such it is a retro game that in addition to the three reels also has and bars and 7s!  So, what makes it any different than the slots of old?  We are so glad you asked that question!

As much as Sparky 7 has in common with the slots of yesteryear, Sparky 7 has much in common with modern slots and the kinds of features today’s slots gamers like!

Do You Know What the Teleporting Symbols Feature Is?

Of course, not!  So let us tell you all about the Teleporting Symbols feature.  As we said, there are three reels in Sparky 7.  But there are also empty spaces on the reels on every spin.

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If you get two 7s on a payline, suddenly the hidden fourth reel opens up and spins.  In most cases, you will get either another 7 or a wild symbol.  Both will complete the win for you!  In fact, you can complete several wins at the same time with a single 7 from the fourth reel if you have two 7s on several paylines.

When Do the Sparks Start Flying?

This is the time!  Since you need a 7 to complete the win, there are sparks going back and forth between the two existing 7s.

There are a few different ways to win with the 7s.  First, there are three colors of 7s.  If you get three 7s of different colors, your win will be modest.  If you get three 7s of the same color, you will win a lot more!

The same applies to the bars.  There is a single bar, a double bar, and a triple bar.  Any combination of bars on a payline will win a modest sum.  To win more, you need to get the sparks flying so that three exactly the same bars land on a payline!

The Bonus Symbol Gives You a….Bonus

The bonus symbol is the scatter symbol.  When you get three scatters, you go to the free spins bonus round and play 7 free spins.  You can retrigger the free spins so keep the sparks coming for the utmost luck!

On every free spin, the fourth reel will reveal a multiplier.  The multiplier may change from spin to spin.  It can go from 2x to 5x!

Jackpot Capital Welcomes New Games and New Gamers

RTG provides a new game every month!  We also provide gamers with a promotion almost every day!  So, you can play the new game of the month, any of a couple of hundred other games that we carry, and at the same time avail yourself of a promotion.

Land Based Casino Gaming May Never Return to the Status Quo Ante

The corona virus has certainly changed land based casino gaming!  At first, all land based casinos closed.  Now, many have reopened but with huge restrictions.  Most of the restrictions have to do with social distancing so land based casinos are even more limited now in their capacity to take new games than they were before the virus crisis.

Jackpot Capital online casino never closed.  The corona virus has no power in cyberspace!  When the land based casinos closed, thousands of gamers came to Jackpot Capital for the finest online casino gaming.  Even though many land based casinos have reopened, the gamers who came to us to find excellent gaming have stayed with us!

If you are not yet a Jackpot Capital gamer, the time to JOIN is NOW!

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