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How to Stay Healthy at the Office and the Casino

Health is the premium goal these days.  As the corona virus pandemic slowly winds down both offices and other establishments such as land based casinos will re-open.  Jackpot Capital online casino would like to offer a few tips for staying healthy, both physically and mentally, when you go back to work or back to a land based casino.

In this article, we will focus on staying healthy physically.

Online Gaming Has Proven its Immense Value

One of the outcomes of the corona virus pandemic has been that many gamers “discovered” Jackpot Capital casino and other online casinos.  They have found that online casino gaming is more comfortable than gaming at a land based casino and it is a lot more convenient since it doesn’t cost anything to get there and allows more controlled gaming.

Still, we know that some gamers will not be able to resist the temptation to pay what may very well be their last ever visit to a land based casino.  Call it a bucket list desire: one last time dealing with a drunk gambler on the casino floor!

Offices and Other Workplaces will Re-open Soon

In addition, people who had been working from home or who had not worked at all during the crisis will go back to work.  Now we are at an interesting anomaly about getting back to normal: the way we can stay healthy at work is quite different than the way we can stay healthy in a land based casino!

Staying Healthy Physically

This area is the same for offices, baseball stadiums, amusement parks, the great outdoors, museums, and land based casinos.

We can categorize healthy behavior like this:

  1. Sleep well.
  2. Eat properly.
  3. Make sure that you get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  4. Exercise on a regular basis.
  5. Make sure that you drink enough water at the right times.

The Existential Importance of Sleep

This is not a scientific paper so we will spare you the chemical and physical details.  Still, we all know that getting the right amount and the best quality sleep is essential to overall good health.

Stress is a big factor in lowering the rejuvenating benefits of sleep.  Gambling at a land based casino often induces excessive stress since it is unnatural for anyone to play slots or blackjack for hours on end!

Similarly, a return to the office or other workplace will increase stress from the actual work to the commute and so on.

We suggest that you set clear goals for good, sound sleep to the extent that it is possible.  An extra hour of sound sleep is a lot better for your health than another hour streaming old television shows, out and about with friends, or even gaming at an online casino.

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Sleep is more important than almost everything else!

Food is Food, or Is It?

We are just a century or so removed from a time when almost every person alive wondered where their next meal was coming from.  The wealthy wondered a lot less.  Today, in developed countries, food is so taken for granted that many people eat unhealthy food.  We can divide food into three categories:

  1. Healthy food.
  2. Junk food.
  3. In between food.

In between good is a hamburger, for example.  Is a hamburger a heathy food or is it junk food?  The fast food burger may be quintessential junk food but a burger you prepare at home can be a good source of protein.

There are actually quite a few in between foods such as coffee, fruit in general, juices, dairy products and many more.

The Office Lunch

When you go back to the office, you might brown bag your lunch.  That will usually involve a sandwich or two which requires bread, one of the most prominent in between foods we eat.

In addition, your colleagues will want to go out for lunch or to a pub after hours.  We suggest that you find out what your body considers healthy food and eat that as much as possible.  If your colleagues and friends are eating pizza, you might eat one slice or none and be happy with a rich salad.

John Pinette we are not!

How Can I Find out What Mu Body Considers healthy Food?

There are so many different eating systems these days!  High fat or low fat; high protein or low protein; high carbs or low carbs.  Some people thrive on the ketogenic diet and some people hate it and feel terrible if they try it.  Some people thrive on the Pritikin diet which emphasizes complex carbs.

No two bodies are exactly alike.  Find out what your body thrives on and eat that.

At a land based casino, you’ll get the worst of all eating worlds.  The free buffet meals mean that you will be supremely tempted to eat too much, to eat foods that you know are not good for you, and to return to the casino floor even though you havoc just stuffed yourself unnecessarily.

Get those Good Vitamins and Minerals

At one time, people could get all of the vitamins and minerals they needed from food.  Today we grow food for billions of people and in order to do so successfully we  use chemicals that damage vitamins and minerals.

In addition, people tend to eat mostly cooked food which damages vitamins.

We suggest taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement.  Organic food is expensive but wherever possible we suggest going organic since it is healthier than mass produced food.

Even in a pub you can try to drink healthily.  First, one beer is better than two and two is a lot better than three.  In addition, we can drink beer that we know is made with only the four classic beer ingredients: water, hops, barley malt, and brewer’s yeast.

Exercise Often

We don’t have to be body builders to exercise well.  A brisk walk is very good exercise.  Swimming, bicycle riding, and moderate weigh lifting are all good exercises.

For most people, thirty minutes of good exercise every day leads to excellent health.

Water is the Fountain of Youth

This doesn’t come as news to you!  Still, there is one aspect of drinking that we have to talk about.  It is a lot better to drink a small amount of water often than to drink a bottle of water infrequently.  Most of the excess water we drink gets expelled.  Our bodies use only what they need.

In addition, too much water all at once puts too much pressure on our kidneys.  So, it’s best to drink a little very often rather than drink a lot all at once.

It is relatively easy to drink in moderation and at frequent intervals when we are at home or at work.  It is a lot harder to do so at a land based casino.  A lot of players will stay at a terminal long after they hake become somewhat dehydrated because they fear losing their seat at the terminal.

That leads to them gulping a lot of eater when they can get a free bottle from the casino and then the urge to use the rest room becomes urgent.  So, in order to further lengthen their time at the terminal, many players simply dehydrate rather than take a health giving drink of water!

Jackpot Capital Wishes Everyone Continued Good Health

We feel that a little online gaming at Jackpot Capital a few times a week is as good for your health as exercise or eating properly.  This fits into the mental side of good health that we will talk about in an upcoming article.

In the meantime, join Jackpot Capital NOW and enjoy the online gaming experience we provide!

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