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Your hands rest on the mouse as your eyes widen. This is one of those ‘fight or flight moments’, as your pulse pauses for a moment before pumping blood through your system. Your mind goes blank and you’re suspended from reality for a brief moment in time. The letters J-A-C-K-P-O-T ring and suddenly the blood rushes and your system is jolted into excitement; YOU’VE WON! You can’t believe it, but at the same time you accept the reward. All of the time and energy put into playing and learning the games, tips, tricks, and mental gymnastics in an attempt to get a leg up. This isn’t like hitting the Lottery. When you hit the lottery, you made a blind bet and struck a lucky chord. But you don’t simply “hit” the jackpot, you WIN the jackpot! After all you have put in, now you can finally enjoy the spoils of victory. We know there are winners out there, so in this post we will take you through different ways to plan your jackpot riches and get the most out of your Jackpot Victory to live the Jackpot Life! Read on to get inspired, and pick up a bonus along the way!

How Would You Live Your Jackpot Life?

You’ve hit the Jackpot, now what? Well, first off take a deep breathe and relax. Stop the stressing, sit back and simply smile without any intentions, besides soaking in the happiness. There’s no need to occupy your mind with anything besides what you’re going to do with all these winnings, and lucky for you Jackpot Capital is here to help! With so many possibilities, the sky’s the limit when you’re living the Jackpot Life!

First thing’s first, when you hit the jackpot, you now have enough resources for endless play with Jackpot Capital! With our vast platform, from downloadable casino software to mobile gaming and Bitcoin capabilities, you’ll never have any problems getting your gaming in! Plus, why would you ever leave your winning ways or turn your back on what got you to this privileged place in the world? Speaking of places in the world, we have plenty of ideas for your next journey!

Every month, we highlight a different luxury hotel and casino in the world for our Las Vegas Lifestyle, and there’s a plethora of locations for you to choose from to upgrade your lifestyle a couple of levels. One of our favorite places is the City of Dreams Casino & Resort Manila, where you’ll be able to live in the highest class of leisure. Traveling to this ‘Global City’ will bring you to a new world, where the ocean water glistens in clarity and people apologize if there are clouds in the sky. This incredible place is a mecca of entertainment, so, whether you want to just chill your days away or have a blast, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven.

After this stay in Manila, if you’re up for something a little more exciting and chaotic, then we recommend heading north to the largest land based casino in the world, The Venetian Casino & Hotel, Macao. Also located in Asia, but this time in China, The Venetian Casino & Hotel is a world of its own with a magic that’s rare to find in the world. Catering to everybody of every palate, just because you’re in Asia, doesn’t mean you’re far from home! You may be thinking, “Why are both of these recommendations in Asia?”. Well, because not only are these places wonderful and of the highest level of luxury, but your money will take you even further! Why not push yourself out of your comfort zone and take in some culture while you’re stepping up your lifestyle?!

Grab a Bonus & Make a Jackpot!

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Where to Settle with your Jackpot Life?!

Ok, maybe you want to invest some of your winnings in addition to upgrading your lifestyle, well we’ve got you covered there. While you’re lounging on your luxury journey, you can do some research on where to buy the palace of your dreams. With so many great cities in the world, and so many rising in the ranks, it can be difficult to choose. Instead of choosing one place and sticking to it, why don’t we plan an itinerary for you to explore and you can decide to settle down where you love?! Our first stop, since we’re already in Asia, will be Bangkok. We all know New York is the city that never sleeps, but for our bets, Bangkok should actually wear that crown! This hot and heavy city is home to an infectious chaos that sweeps one off their feet and carries them away, from morning to… the next morning! Possibly the entertainment capital of the world, Bangkok is enigmatic with its cacophony of smells, tastes, and sights, and has everything one can desire in a city. With this foundation and rapid growth, falling in love with the city is made easy by all of the money being invested, to ensure its future. But, the boat may be leaving soon, so you’ll have to get in before it’s too late.

Seeing as Bangkok is an international travel hub, you can get to pretty much anywhere in the world from here, and you need not be restricted by casino capitals because you’ll be playing with Jackpot Capital mobile! For our money, we think one of the best places to be, in terms of enjoying leisure and luxury while having a great time, is Beirut, Lebanon. Despite the location, it’s one of the more liberal cities in the world when it comes to clubs and drinking, and being nestled on the Mediterranean gives it a beautiful charm. After their civil war, new tower blocks were built, creating a dazzling scene of rooftop bars to let loose on while you bathe in the starlight.

Stay close and take a luxury cruise ship over to Greece, and marvel at the most captivating and crisp sea in the world. Go island hopping through the quaint and untainted sand of these tranquil islands, before heading to Athens. A city in rebuild after its financial crisis, it still retains all of the glamour it’s famous for, plus it has the hustle of people ready to build something new. Much like Detroit, there’s a culture beginning to bubble over in this city, making it your last chance to get in on the ground level to the construction of a city of the future. Add in the benefits of fresh wine, olive oil, and succulent fruits, and you’ll actually be lounging in paradise.

Now that we have hopped around to some up and coming cities you may not have expected, it’s time to play with the big boys! Catch a flight to Paris and live the Jackpot Life the romantic way for a while. We doubt we need to give you any incentive to visit this beautiful capital of the world, but a reminder doesn’t hurt. The ‘City of Love’ offers you everything you could dream of, from the best wine in the top restaurants in the world, to lazy weekdays lounging along the river with the best coffee you can imagine, while you breathe in culture you didn’t know you were capable of consuming. But, as these Paris strolls of easy life might be great, our final destination is where we think you’ll be staying.

Sunny Barcelona, Spain is a city with no rivals. A city of the modern renaissance, Barcelona has grown immensely over the top decade, as the world is finally appreciating this seaside gem. Known for it’s architecture, this is the only city in the world to be awarded the Royal Gold Medal by the Royal Institute of British Architects, and for good reason. The legacy of Antonio Gaudi is one that hangs over this city, as his organic style of design still inspires the world. Take a step inside of Sagrada Familia to feel how special and bespoke this city is, as this church will convey the craft, fervor and passion of the Catalan people. But what makes this city stand out from the rest, is its balance of culture, nature, and weather. Not only is there a huge beach, but there are an abundance of museums, from Picasso to Dali, with Michelin starred restaurants littered throughout the street for you to siesta at. When the weather’s a consistent 81 and sunny, you’re never overwhelmed in this incredible city. Then, at night, you can take part in its vast nightlife, where you can do everything from club to have a bonfire on the beach with beers. The best part is, while this city is growing, it still hasn't reached its full potential, meaning the time to buy is now! Whether you want to live in the surrounding Pyrenees mountains and commute to the city, or buy a wonderful house on the beach, this city is your playground!

We hope you have enjoyed this itinerary, but this is only the beginning. Once you hit the Jackpot, the world’s your oyster. Take a look at our current bonuses now, and work towards your winning ways, so that you can enjoy the Jackpot Life sooner rather than later!


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