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How Does Sound Online Gaming Teach Us How to Live in other Areas?

At Jackpot Capital online casino, we emphasize fun, responsible gaming, and sound money management.  Fun, accepting responsibility, and making smart decisions regarding your money are actually values for good living.  We also think that you can really learn other life lessons as well from the simple act of playing our Jackpot Capital casino games. 

Have Fun

Everyone likes to play games to have fun.   Fun takes us away from the toils and tribulations of daily life and allows us to escape them for a while.  We offer a very large assortment of games in different game categories.  We offer table games, video poker, specialty games, progressive jackpot slots, non-progressive slots and many other games.

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Why 300+ Games

We are asked why we have so many games and why we have so much variety in our games.  We can answer the question with a story from American sports.

A famous baseball manager was being interviewed by a young sports reporter who apologized to the manager for taking up so much of his time.  The manger told the reporter that it was okay because “we do this every day.”

The reporter actually tried to understand the deeper meaning of this offhand remark by the team’s manager.  He later wrote that baseball is “there” every day “if you need it”.

This is the same reason we offer 300+ games here at Jackpot Capital casino.  We are here for you every day to have fun, and a take your mind off of your everyday concerns.  The lesson to be learned is that it is important to have fun and pursue a healthy pastime every day!

Accept Responsibility

The kid who hits a baseball into his neighbor’s house, breaking the window, is expected to accept responsibility for his actions.  We also expect our colleagues to accept responsibility in their work.  At Jackpot Capital, we keep the customer service office open 24/7 because we accept our responsibility to serve you, our gamers, in every way we can.

We also hope that you accept responsibility for your own gaming.  Here are a few ways we can all accept responsibility for our gaming:

  • Play within your own financial means.
  • Never play too long at the expense of other responsibilities.
  • Never play when you’re tired.
  • Never drink too much alcohol when you’re playing our casino games.

Jackpot Capital is committed to every aspect of responsible gaming.

Sound Money Management

This is as important as playing for just the right amount of time.  We would like all our gamers to see online casino gaming as a form of entertainment.  We all have many ways to be entertained from television and movies, to music, sports, cooking and baking, vacations, hiking and bird watching, and many more. 

Online gaming is just one of them.  All of our entertainments cost some money.  We would like every gamer to set his or her gaming budget in advance and play only with that budget in each gaming session.  There will always be another time to come back and play more casino games!

Control Your Emotions

If you play for fun, with a sound, affordable budget, and for a pre-set amount of time, you will probably accept those unlucky cards or spins along with the lucky ones.

Controlling our emotions is important from our personal relationships to our business activities and so on.  Simply taking the small losses in stride is a great way to develop the sense of repose you might need in other everyday events.

Accept Luck for Itself

Some casino games are pure games of chance.  Slots are the more popular game of chance.  Roulette and craps are two others.  Bingo is another popular game of chance.  Either we’re lucky or we aren’t this day.  The old American sports refrain: “Wait ‘til next year” applies to gaming as well: "Wait ‘til the next session”.

Video poker and blackjack are the two most popular games of skill at Jackpot Capital.  Even though they are games of skill, luck certainly plays a big part in winning and losing.  The skill side of video poker and blackjack is such that with good strategy a player can expect to break even or win some money very often.  Still, luck will ultimately determine if you win a little this time or not.

In every game we play and in every activity we do, luck plays some part.  The long weekend that you plan months in advance might see a 48-hour long cold, drizzly rain.  We need to be able to accept luck because luck has no mind of its own; it just is.

Learn the Rules

When you get a new job, you come to the office or factory for the first day at work and you need to learn a set of unwritten or actually written rules.  The same applies when you move to a new neighborhood or new town.

We offer unlimited free play so you can always learn the rules of every game you want to play before you put real money down on the outcome.  Learning the rules in slots is easy except that in a progressive slot, you need to bet the maximum to qualify for the big, progressive jackpot.

Learning the rules in blackjack may take some time.  Different games have different rules regarding doubling down, splitting, when the dealer hits and when she stands, insurance, and surrender.  It is very important to learn the rules in any new blackjack variation you want to try.

Staying Disciplined

Some of the best strategy moves in video poker and in blackjack seem counter-intuitive to most players.  Being disciplined in video poker and blackjack means believing the statisticians.  In fact, the difference between one decision and the more obvious decision in video poker might be very small.  Being disciplined means being able to stay close to the almost 100% return to player rate we talk about in video poker.

We touched on discipline above when we listed areas of gaming responsibility.  Responsibility comes from discipline.  Discipline is important in so many areas of everyday life that we can’t even venture a short list.

Let us mention all the aspects of safe driving as one very large, everyday aspect of good discipline.

Have Fun

We’ll end this article at the same place we began.  Of all of the lessons we can learn from online gaming and that we can apply to our everyday lives, having fun may be the most important one of all!

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