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If you have never played any online casino games before, hitting the online casinos can be a daunting proposition. That is why we give you the option to play for free at Jackpot Capital! Our games are an easy entrance into the world of online casinos, as they are not only loads of fun, but allow you to play without the risk of losing money. We understand that this can be a scary thought to many newcomers, that they may not know what they are getting themselves into and can lose in the process. But, online gaming is a great way to spend your hard earned free hours enjoying yourself, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be straight out of your pocket - You’ll see!

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Whether you want to play risk free or you are a newbie looking to learn the ropes of games before spending, we are proud to provide a safe and comfortable (and free!) environment. There are many games which may seem easy to lose a wad of money in, those like roulette and slots, so newbies may not think the risk is worth the reward. But the truth is, these games are fun and easy! By playing our games for free you are able to bask in all of the enjoyment to be had while learning at your own pace. Everyone learns at different rates, so by playing for free at Jackpot Capital, you are allotted a pressure free place to experiment. You will be able to pick up these games in no time and become an “expert” without any of the anxiety.

With the newfound confidence from playing our great games, you will learn how to gamble with not only low stacks, but high stacks as well, leading you to try out that once scary game of poker! It can be a bit intimidating to enter a real casino and sit down with other players, a dealer stern in expression, and the feeling of heavy chips at fingertips. That is exactly why we allow you to come play for free with us at Jackpot Capital. This way you can learn the glorious feeling of winning. A feeling so wonderful, you don’t even need to be waging real money!

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Now that we are in the party mood, it is time to get into a swinging groove. But before swinging away, let’s get you informed on the spoils of the game. With a modern interface, Popiñata is a sleek, simple, and easy game which allows you to effortlessly place bets and spin the reels. This allows you to sit back and get into a head nodding rhythm while playing. With a top payout of 250 times the line bet, increasing your bets is not only tempting, but well worth the risk! And betting the max can bring in dizzying amounts of cash. When spinning the slots you will have tons of opportunities to win, as the game pays out for symbols which line up Left to Right or Right to Left! This makes up for the lack of scatter symbols and brings with it consistent rewards while playing as it opens up possible winning combinations.

The real jewel of this game lies with the donkey. As the Wild, the donkey is what you will be keeping a lookout for, as what better way to have a donkey than feral?! A wild donkey jumping onto reels 2, 3, and 4 will count for all symbols, and a donkey showing wild face will expand to cover all positions on the reel, paying out lucrative awards. Not many things in slots are better than expanding wilds, and the donkey here is a wildly expanding wild, which triggers an instant re-spin when it bounces onto screen to show you a good time with some extra spins. And then any wild donkey who shows up to the party after a re-spin will then again trigger another free instant spin!

While we know of them as being paper mache, the original piñatas were pots made of clay. Can you imagine beating a clay pot until it breaks open? How exhausting. Luckily for you, you do not need to strain too hard for your rewards any longer. Without any bonuses, life sure was considerably tougher in the 16th century, huh? No wonder they were pillaging everywhere they went and making blood sacrifices. But now we live with a bit more luxury, and with the spring about to break, it is time for us to let all of that winter repression loose and get into a party mood! And what better way than by destroying some paper mache donkeys! We mean online, ( and mobile! ) of course. The sun is for bathing, not straining while wildly flailing a bat!

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With dozens of innovative slot games to play, you will literally never be bored - The truth! Our friends over at RealTime Gaming are the best developers around, and they bring us new titles every month. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, so why not get into the fiesta spirit and play our new game Popinata? How about fighting through the Trojans with Achilles? Or maybe you’d like to go running through the lush lands of the ancient America’s with our tribal game Secret Symbol. With such a wide range of games, from Caesar’s Empire to Snowmania, you will surely find yourself stimulated by different worlds with wondrous gameplay.

Want to branch out from slots? How about learning the skills of Blackjack? The infamous and elusive game is a fast paced and exciting way to spend your time. By playing for free, you will be able to soak up the betting rules while learning how large the payouts can be. When real money is involved, the pressure surrounding each decision can take away from not only the fun, but from properly focusing on learning the nuances. This goes for every game, not just Blackjack, but also Baccarat and Craps! When you play for free, you will go from novice to pro in no time.

You also don’t need to be limited to your computer - One of our best features is our mobile capabilities! Whether you want to lay back on the couch or are constantly on the move, playing on your mobile device is just as easy and fun as on desktop. With over 400 games to choose from, you will never be bored, whether taking the train or bus to work, or on a long journey with family, you never have to live with dull down time again!

It’s as easy as pie. Actually, it’s a bit easier: no baking necessary, no waiting around, no eating too much and catching a slight scold from the baker themselves. Nope, playing Jackpot Capital games can not only be risk free, but hassle free too! Need some help? Sure, it would be be our pleasure. We have a live chat set up, 24/7, for any questions you may have. Or you can explore more of our blog, to learn all about online casino culture and what we have to offer.

To begin, all you need to do is simply create a free account, and start our Instant Play. Looking for something you can play without the noisy distraction of the internet over your shoulder? You can also download our Free Casino Software for a smooth offline gaming experience! Online gaming can sometimes get a bad rap, but really we are here for your entertainment. There is no need to raise your stress levels and play high stakes hold em’ or throw money around if you do not want to. So why not get started now? Make your escape from reality, risk free. Sign up right this instant and stop wasting your time!

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