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Reasons Why Some Gamers Prefer to Download Jackpot Capital Casino

Jackpot Capital offers gamers three formats for gaming: instant play, mobile, and download. Instant play allows gamers to play directly on their browser. Mobile allows gamers to play on their mobile devices which, these days, are either a state of the art tablet or smartphone.

Download puts the casino directly on your hard drive. Why do some gamers prefer to download the casino to their hard drive instead of using either or both of the other two gaming formats?

Three in One Gaming

Actually, most gamers play on their mobile devices. This format gives them the maximum amount of flexibility and convenience. When gamers are at home, many do play on the instant play format. Now we have reached the group of players who, in addition to using instant play at times and mobile at times, also like to play on the download format.

Here are a few reasons why this is the case.

Big Screen

The biggest screen you can play on is a screen connected to your desktop computer. We have found that many of the gamers at Jackpot Capital can afford a large office at home in which they can fix a very large screen to their desktop computer and sit on a sofa they have brought into the office.

This brings about a marriage of the most popular reason for mobile gaming with the most popular reason for desktop gaming. The convenience and comfort of curling up on the sofa and playing in the mobile format is here married to the extreme pleasure of playing online casino games on a very large screen.

Clearer Graphics

There is no doubt that the large screen conveys a much clearer image. Gamers who need a very clear image or simply feel a lot more comfortable with a large image would thus prefer to play in the download form on their desktop outfitted with a big screen.

We should always keep in mind that the big television screens have been on the market for just a couple of decades or so. Still, there is hardly a household that watches television on a screen smaller than 36 inches and a very large number of television watchers watch on a screen of 50 inches or more!

Large screens add a great deal to the overall gaming experience and the download format still provides the clearest graphics.

Faster Gaming

The downloaded casino does provide somewhat faster gaming. Here we will have to use some technical language to explain this. To download means that you download the casino’s software “client” to your hard drive. The software client can give you faster gaming because it can cache the graphics and sound.

There are times that gamers on the instant play format have to wait and wait for the games to come up because their server is temporarily overloaded. In some localities, there is only one server and it may be overloaded most of the time.

For gamers in such markets, downloading will enable them to click on the icon on their desktop and instantly receive the games, graphics software, and sound software.

Gamers Retain a Lot of Control

Once you download the casino to your hard drive, you can set many parameters that you like to make your gaming better. Instant play has its benefits, certainly, but it is much more a one size fits all type of gaming experience.

Downloading gives you options that instant play and mobile do not.

More Games

We know that many computer games take up a lot of computer space. When you download one computer game at great “cost” to the space that is available on your hard drive, you are downloading one game only!

When you download Jackpot Capital online casino, you are putting hundreds of games on your computer. The download does take valuable space on your hard drive and, therefore, it is suitable for very state of the art computers with a lot of memory. Still, downloading the casino gives you quick access to hundreds of games and we add new games every month!

Furthermore, it is a known fact that most computer users upgrade their computers every few years. That means that the majority of modern desktop computers have more than enough memory to handle the downloaded casino!

Practice is Faster and Smoother

Many gamers who prefer to play on their browser in instant play, tell us that the most frustrating part about instant play is that it is sometimes too slow - dependent, of course on the speed of your internet connection. This actually comes to the fore most often when gamers just want to practice.

No one really needs to practice to play slots. However, video poker, blackjack, and casino poker are games of skill that players like to practice as they try to get better at these games. When a gamer is in practice mode, they usually are playing in our unlimited free play mode.

They want to play as many hands as possible in the short amount of time they have available for practice and anything that slows the action down leads to deep frustration. When you download the casino, you eliminate all of the occasional or constant slowness of your server.

Reliability of Gaming if the Internet Goes Down

In large, modern economies, the demand for electricity continues to grow at almost an exponential rate yet the eco-friendly way of generating electricity has been slow to cover the new demands. We all know that making electricity from coal, petroleum, or natural gas is not very popular anymore. Nuclear is even less popular than the fossil fuels.

This means that there will be inevitable shortages of electricity. When you download the casino to your hard drive, you might be able to access the games even if there is a power outage that affects your server.

In other words, your electric supply may be intact even as your server cannot serve you!

Make Sure that Your Hard Drive is Strong Enough to Handle the Download

Many older desktop computers are not strong enough as they are now to handle a casino download. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is to buy more memory for the computer you have now. The other is simply to upgrade your computer.

Of course, we would never advise anyone to buy a new computer just to be able to download Jackpot Capital casino. However, gamers who are seriously considering upgrading for the many other reasons people do so might consider the benefits of being able to download the casino to their hard drive.

Great Gaming in Every Format

We have here extolled the virtues of downloading the casino. We do so because gamers will naturally ask what the benefits of downloading the casino might be. This short discourse on the joys of the downloaded casino in no way should dissuade anyone from using the mobile or instant play formats if they serve your gaming needs.

The true bottom line is that gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino is great in all formats!